Monday, March 15, 2010


Outside my Window…it is crisp and clear! Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days EVER! So I am hoping for more of the same today! 

I am thinking…This is my last week off before returning to work! Crunch time to finish up some projects! I have three bags going to the Good Will today and hope to gather even more!

I am thankful for…SO much ! Chads safe return, Travis had a BLAST with his work guys at a four day ski getaway and came home safely!  My honey Steve, my sweet pup laying at my feet, my geraniums blooming like crazy, and always thankful for
Gods amazing grace~  

From the kitchen…Not much going to happen in there today.I did clean out the pantry, fridge and freezer and loaded Chad up with lots of food when he left yesterday! So I am going to grocery shop and maybe make chicken stir fry for dinner. We are hooked on the stir fry packages of veggies! So easy and so good! 

I am wearing…Still in jammies but am showered and ready to go.

I am reading…" The Help" and loving it! I heard it is going to become a movie so now I am trying to figure out who should play the leading roles.

I am hoping…I can stand on my feet for 8 hours without my knee swelling up! I have started walking everyday and it's slowly getting easier. I am amazed how long it has taken me to heal from such a freak accident.

I am creating…Cute online invites for Easter Sunday! I know the Greeks are all coming but like to send a little invite. Pingg  has some really cute ones and they are free! 

I am hearing…my new clock in the laundry room. I found it at Homegoods and love it! It runs on one little battery but has the sweetest little tick tock sound.

Around the house…I bought the cutest jar for my laundry room and filled it with powder soap. I have an antique scoop so I laid it near it. I got some cute new hooks at Ikea and Steve hung them this weekend. One in the laundry and one in the kitchen for my aprons. I love to putzy and add new touches to my house.Adds a fresh touch without spending a lot of money.

One of my favorite things…MiMi's Cafe for breakfast! I went last week with the book babes for Nancy's birthday and then again Friday with Chad. I love starting my day with good coffee and conversation! It's so homey in there with fresh flowers and checkered tablecloths. If you ever want to meet for breakfast call me!

Well that's what is going on in my corner of the world today! How about you? I would LOVE to hear!          
Hope your day is filled with love and giggles!


Vickie said...

Hi Karen - thanks for your visit! I was reading your previous post about your former house and neighborhood. I drive by our old one, too, and it seems so small and insignificant. When we lived there it felt like a huge house - our first little house. It was sure hard to leave, cuz all my babies' memories were there. Now, we've been in our current home for almost 18 years and have made alot more memories here than the first house. Your old neighborhood is pretty - love the way the trees line the street...

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love this post and I think I might copy it!
Going back to work is never fun...I went back today after my vacation and wow it was difficult!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I am glad...that Chad made it home safe and sound and I can't wait to hear any stories you have on his adventures.

I am reading...well, I just bought the book, The Help, but I like it so far.

I am wishing...that you have no problems when you go back to work with your knee~!

Housewife Savant said...

I Am Hungry For...chicken stir fry!

I also love to putter around my house with accent pieces, and pre-cut veggies for supper are a lifesaver after a day of agonizing over a challenging vignette. =)

The scoop in your laundry room is The Bomb!