Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Six...Moments for which I am grateful

This has been a wonderful week filled with thankfulness and fun!

1- Ashlyn and Travis hosted a brunch with all her family and invited us down too. It was so great to see her sweet sisters, folks, grandparents and family. She of course did a beautiful job with yummy french toast casserole,home made whipped cream and berries,potatoes, fresh fruit and bacon.  Fresh flowers ,cocoa and coffee made it all feel extra special. That girl has such a knack for entertaining and makes it all seem so easy. {unlike me who gets moments of pure frantic before the Greeks come } I drove away again thanking God that Travis has such a sweet life and a precious wife!  { and can you see the pure joy on my face of just being with my boy! I love this kid }

2- My dear friend Marcia flew into California from Boston unexpectedly and she stopped by  with two of her four kids for a great visit. But it was not near enough time. So we made plans to meet for lunch the next day and spent another two hours getting caught up! And of course even that was not enough time. It is so fun to have friends who you can truly pick up where you left off. I miss her being my neighbor so much, but am so thankful she is living one of her dreams to be in Boston. Her kids are grown and she and her sweet hubby are having a blast living in a cottage by a lake. I only wish I was next door! Here she is with her youngest Whitney { who in my heart is one of mine too }

3- I went to see the Bonnie Hunt show again! I know its a problem...I cant even tell you how many times we have gone now. But I just adore her so much! She is the most genuine person.She shakes everyone's hand and thanks them for coming ! She is the real  deal and I still think we could be the best of friends! And being able to spend the day with the book babes is always such a blast! Her show goes off in May  so I am hoping to go at least one more time. I am really going to miss her and her fabulous staff!

4- Chad will be home this week !! Yippee
He has had the time of his life and I can hardly wait to hear all the stories! And he tells the BEST stories. He got the "Greek" side there and can tell them with so much enthusiasm and detail.So it makes you feel like you were there. I am going to probably be sitting a the airport gate just waiting to wrap my arms around him. And then be grateful for the two hour drive home to get caught up! But I am thinking from the photos we might stop off for a hair cut on the way! Only three more sleeps!!!!  

5-My Dr put me on cortisone pills and I think they are really working! My knee feels the best it has been and I am praying it is not a temporary fix. I have decided to go back to work in two weeks whether it is better or not. He seemed a little surprised that I didn't want another follow up appointment but I got to get back to real life. So I am going to spend the next two weeks doing all the things I have wanted to but simply couldn't.Crazy but I am actually a little excited!

6- The kids on my block LOVE Brody and they have been coming by to take him on little walks. It only costs two quarters and five pieces of candy from my jar. What a bargain!  {Although there are usually 5 of them and only one holds the leash } But what I love most is hearing the door bell and opening it up to see such precious smiles. And he gets sooo excited to see his friends. I will have to snap a pic to share so you can see how stinkin cute it is. I think if older folks could have little visitors everyday it would do wonders for their heart. It sure does mine!

Wishing you love and giggles this week! And time to stop and think of all that we have to be grateful for! Sappy yes but sometimes in this crazy world a little sap is good.
Hugs Karen


Kori said...

I always love reading your Sunday Six. Where was Chad? Was he on a fishing adventure somewhere? Maybe I missed the post where you told where he is. It is always fun to hear what you are up to.

Jojo and Ralph said...

I am just so happy to comment. Your pictures look so pretty and colorful. I am happy that you got to see so many fun people Bonnie included. How fun is that? I always wanted to go to Oprah. I wouldn't even care if it was a Dr. Oz episode about the runs. But, alas... What a good week.

Jojo and Ralph said...

PS... The Mighty Lunds died... but remember that my NEW blog is alive and kickin' (for my friends only that is) It's so confusing I know. But it is for a very good reason. I hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

What a picture perfect weekend you had! It's always fun to get together with family, especially "new" family. Hey, I'm glad your knee is improving but I'm sad that you have to return to work...that's just me though, I love not working anymore. Over the weekend we thought we might be coming to CA soon, our Dixie State basketball team won their conference and we heard they were going to play in CA, so we thought we would go but just this morning we found out they're playing in Washington...BooHoo! I was thinking we could have lunch. I hope I get to meet Brody someday. It will be good to have Chad back on U.S. soil, I'm sure he's had a blast but it's hard not to worry.

Housewife Savant said...

I LOVE your blog.
All the thankfulness and contentment is pure joy.
And the yogurt...YUM, even though I'm more of a blueberry french toast and bacon kinda girl. =)