Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Morning~

My new breakfast addiction!

 I have been loving this new treat  
Berries with non-fat, plain Greek yogurt!
The sweetness of the berries mixed with the tartness of the yogurt is divine. And if you drizzle just a tiny bit of honey on top....ahhhmazing.  If you don't have fresh berries Trader Joes has wonderful frozen ones that I just defrost overnight. But the fresh ones have been really sweet and always available. You can even sprinkle a few sliced almonds on top for crunch!
How about you? How do you start your day?


Casey said...

That's not what you ate this morning! I'm just saying ;)

Karen Carter said...

Wow nothing like being called out by your breakfast date! Casey is right this is what I had yesterday.Today I met the girls for breakfast at MiMi's Cafe and had an egg white,spinach omelet.

Ok fine...we had blueberry french toast and bacon. But it was for Nancy's birthday and so anything else would have been wrong. And we had to forgo the cake because of the early hour.

Casey said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! That made my day!

Cougarnana said...

OK, I try not to be a negative commenter, so.....NO COMMENT about the breakfast. I really do love the tablecloth, however.

Christy said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment today!

Your breakfast addiction sounds really yummy!!! I usually start my day with a granola bar, bowl of oatmeal, or my latest favorite... chocolate Cheerios!

Holly Girl said...

I eat the same Karen! I just pop my frozen berries in the micro for 1 minute and they're perfect! I also like to mix in my Fiber One (would rather be eating Christy's chocolate cheerios!) What makes the Greek yogurt so much creamier than the rest? More expensive, but worth it!