Friday, March 19, 2010

Bragging Rights...

The closest thing to my heart is my family and nothing makes me happier than seeing them being  blessed!
I am so proud and happy to share such great news!
So indulge me a bit and share our joy!

First go over to Carter and Cook {click on colored text for link} and peek at what my darling, talented, and oh so creative daughter in law has been doing.  Ashlyn amazes me with everything  she does at both of her jobs, all the while taking such good care of her home and adorable hubby. I often wonder how she finds the time to be so creative, but it comes naturally for her. And it  sure shows in all the weddings she has pulled off beautifully ! They  were recently featured in their first bridal magazine and we are so proud of her!  Their business is booming and getting such great press.  Good job girls !
We are cheering for you with all our hearts.......

Our other amazing news is about my brother Dave,sis Sandy and the gang at "Our Thrift Store"  They were featured on the local Nashville news station about their work with the thrift store and the special needs kids they provide jobs for! They are  so humble and would never want to draw attention to themselves, but they LOVE getting the word out about the store because that means more jobs for more kids! They were recently blessed with a HUGE donation from Wyndham Hotels! Poor Dave has been exhausted the last few times I spoke to him because of all the extra work loading and unloading the trucks. But he never complains and you can hear the pure joy in his voice as he talks about the blessing it is for the kids! Promise me if you are ever in Franklin,Tenn you will go by and see what Gods doing! You will leave forever changed !
{and seriously have you ever seen a cleaner, more organized thrift store? They are so devoted and  work so hard!  }

God is good and I am  giddy as I see such blessings poured upon such deserving people! 


Anonymous said...

What exciting news for your family! I quickly looked at Ashlyn's blog and I will go back and study it when I get more time. It looks fabulous and I'm so happy she is getting such great "press". All of her pictures are so beautiful. I loved the story about Dave and Sandy's thrift store. I was happy to learn more about what they do and how they got started. Goodness just oozes out of some people and they are those kind of people for sure. What goes around, comes around and it appears they are receiving the blessings they have been giving out. May the Lord continue to bless them in all they do.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Teddy Bear spent almost an hour on Carter and Cook! She loved it. Dave and Sandy are amazing and I loved the clip. Yes, giddy is a good word for how you must feel!

Jojo and Ralph said...

How wonderful for your family. Very talented and giving people. You have great reason to be very proud of them

Ashlyn Carter said...

aw. this was so very sweet. thank you for all your love, encouragement and cheering. I couldn't do it without you all! god is so very good.