Monday, March 29, 2010


For the first time in quite a while, I have blogger block ! Life feels kinda boring  lately and  there just isn't much to report. So  I will share a few things and try my darndest to make them seem exciting
We all know better...

My book club met  Wednesday night which was a perfect way to end my first day back at work.We met at a new authentic "New York Style" deli here in town and the food was terrific. Even before the lemonade and 1/2 sandwich hit my tummy I was well on my way to feeling better from the giggles and great conversation. I totally understand why Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine  met everyday to re-hash the day because you feel so much better after a little time with good friends. But just to make sure we left feeling extra terrific we split an eclair 5 ways! Ahhhhmazing !

And Oh yes the book!
We all LOVED "The Help" and everyone gave it 5 stars ! Such a easy read with really likable characters.Great story!
{ my dear friend Casey who loves to spill the beans will probably reveal this in a comment so I better beat her to the punch. The lemonade may have been a 'cocktail lemonade' spiked with a tad of alcohol. But my knee was pretty swollen, and it was my first day back. So it was purely medicinal }

Thia Mary called me Monday morning and said she was bored so she came up from the desert for lunch! We had the BEST time. She ran a couple errands with me and then we went out for fish. We ended up sitting there for two hours and had the BEST time. She is hilarious and I sometimes forget she is 82. Although she did have a few numbers taped to the outside of her phone and when I asked why, she said she ran out of speed dials and she liked to keep the numbers handy? So I asked if she knew she had a phone book in her phone?
"well no, I thought I could just keep those ten in there "
So I put in all the numbers for our family and she was thrilled!  Then I told her she had to re- record her greeting because you hear her say at the end " Peter wheres the pound ? I am supposed to push the pound key"  She had never listened to it so we called her number and I thought she was going to pee her pants when she heard herself!   So we got her all fixed up and who knows next time she may learn to text!
{I think we all forget that the world is changing so fast and seniors  don't always know how to keep up. I felt kinda sad when she said the boy at Verizon got frustrated with her so she didn't want to ask too many questions}

I also had a super fun bunco at Jackie's and all us girls were there! Sometimes one or more of us is missing so it was extra special because everyone came! It's always such a special time with such precious family  friends! And of course Jackie did a great job hosting! She made the BEST Paula Deen Coleslaw that we all loved! So I am going to make it for Easter! Super fresh and oh so delish

I wish you all a great week filled with love and giggles.
And time to reflect on the profound meaning of Easter!
"The stones been moved away and His body isn't there"    


a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

I've had a bloggers block for months!! Love you and can't wait for Sunday!!! Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

My friend, Sherrie, just finished "The Help" (for her book club). She, too, really liked it. So she is passing it on to me tomorrow, I can't wait. I hope all is going well with you returning to work. It sounds like you're getting in your share of partying each week...great fun...cute girls!