Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tales from the recycling center (part 2)

My niece Chloe and I have had some good laughs about our trips to the recycling center. We often call each other and share the horrors of it, and she even posted a blog a couple months back about her last trip.But we both agree it's good for the environment.I decided a few years ago that I was going to make a few key changes and do my part.I use "green" bags at the grocery, or skip the bags altogether. I really try to use less gas and make fewer trips running errands. And I recycle. This last one has been the biggest adjustment by far. I just feel so unfortunate standing in line with my cans. Even though its our Diet Coke dripping in the bag it grosses me out big time! Today the friendly fella(that's for you Kami) who works there was a real character,but he sure had rhythm. He was dancing away to bad eighties music and having his own little party. There was one man ahead of me who kept going back to his truck for more cans. Now people,the etiquette says you have to be prepared before approaching the machine. We cant wait for you to make "trips" to get more cans from under your seat or the cab of your truck.In the midst of all this fun I text Chloe to tell her evidently people still drink "Shasta" because one ladies bags were filled with it. Grape, Orange, Fruit Punch? Wow who knew ? She text back "the only thing more depressing is the Sams Choice generic from Wal Mart" So I stood there all by myself cracking up.Yep...I fit right in.But I did leave with $7.10 and a smile in spite of it all.And grateful that I always have a box of diaper wipes in my car for just these occasions.


Lindsay said...

If only I could have had a video camera rollin on you at the Cans R Us! I was crackin up just picturing the scene! I am proud of you ! After an experience like that ya just feel better about yourself!

Love ya!
linds xoxo

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Now that guys is my kinda Fella (thanks for the shout out)! Anyone who rocks out to 80's by themself is up my alley! I do that sometimes in my kitchen has always been my place to boogy!
I on the other hand would not think $7.10 was worth all of that! :) especially if I needed anti-bacterial gel and wipes after...and would most likely just spend that money on more cans filled with drippy sticky soda! I prefer to put my can by the curb and have a large truck with an automatic arm pick it up and dump it. Maybe I am missing out on all the recycling action??
I am proud of you for doing your part to save our planet...and for being a good example to us Gen Xer's. Love traveling pants sister...and thanks always for the laughs.

Chloe Krikac said...

I LOVE it! Thank you for your quick wit and amazing storytelling skills... it really makes me feel like I was there with you... (hmmm? ok so maybe I would rather be laying out at the pool with you in vegas, but at this point, I'll take the recycling line.)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Where do you go to recycle? I have 3 giant bags of plastic water bottles and cans but have no idea where to go. And there is recycling etiquette~! Dang. I don't want to be one of clods causing trouble, so help me out here!