Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Club+Cookies+Jammies= Fun!

Every Christmas the book club girls do a cookie exchange and we have so much fun! With all the holiday posting I didn't want this fun event to go unnoticed. Our wonderful hostess Debbie invites all us girls over for a few hours to sit and chat. We have appetizers and we do a cookie exchange. The best part is we all wear jammies! So to a simple girl like me, who loves friends, cookies and jammies it is a perfect combination! It always seems daunting to bake in the midst of all the holiday craziness but we are always glad we did when we leave with darling cookies of every variety. This year Casey's were the cutest! Little peanut butter mice with licorice tails and peanut ears.They all were so delicious and Chad was thrilled when I walked in with them. When Nancy invited me to join them for book club a few years back I really didn't know these girls too well. But my love of reading had me curious enough to try a book club. I am so glad I did. They have become precious friends and it is one of the things on my calendar each month that I look so forward to. Here's to another year filled with great books and great friends!


Lindsay said...

You girls are soo adorable! You all look like teens at a sleepover! The cookies were so cute and creative! Karen you are so blessed to have such precious friends !

It makes me want to read a book!

Love linds

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I love it~! Do NOT listen to Casey when she says to take her picture down. HAHAHA. Her cookies were a hit in my house, too. They never made it to my mom's house--we ate them all~! It is hectic making cookies in the middle of the madness, but it is one of the highlights of the season to me.

My book babes are so special to me and I love every minute I spend with you guys.

Casey said...

Eee Gads!! Well, I'm glad everyone liked the cookies, but PLEASE take my pic. down. I love all my BOOK BABES, even if they don't listen to me ;)

Cougarnana said...

OK, so those little mice cookies are the cutest! Thanks for the close up picture so I can try to copy them...what kind of cookie is it? It looks like it is round, how did she get it to stay in that shape? So darling!