Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday's Six Moments For Which I am Grateful

'I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string' L.M. Montgomery

1- Last week Steve and I went on a date. We saw Gran Torino(LOVED it) and then went to lunch at Red Lobster because one of his clients had given him a gift card. They have their utensils wrapped in a paper napkin with a little paper band. We were sitting talking and my sweet hubby reached across the table and said "here let me open that for you" and he laid out my napkin and placed my silverware for me. Such a small thing but it was so tender.

2- Jamba Juice oatmeal! My sweet DIL told me about Jamba Juice having a new steel cut oatmeal. And she linked to a coupon so it was only a dollar.So when the group of us went to get our morning coffees we also stopped there for oatmeal.It was amazing! The best part is the manager gave us the coupons back and told us he would always give it to us for that price because we work in the center. So Friday there was 6 of us toasting Ash with our oatmeal cups! Thanks for the yummy bargain!
3-My friend who went through chemo was out on "parole" (as Keli calls it) so we all met up for lunch and a movie. It was so great to see her! She is still absolutely adorable with her little scarf and bright smile. She always has such a fun,positive attitude and it shows! Here's to many more girl dates and book clubs!

4- A darling couple who I used to work with opened a new shop in down town Temecula called" The Spice Merchant" It is such a fun store and it is booming! And it couldn't happen to nicer people. I went in yesterday for some loose tea and a new tea pot and had a fun visit with them.I love iced teas and have always wanted a pot with the infuser. So I treated myself to a super cute clear glass one. I am sipping strawberry tea right now and it is amazing . I love to buy from small businesses and home crafters. If you are ever in town please stop in and tell them Karen sent ya
5- Wednesday I worked a 4-12 shift and came home to a empty house. So I lit the fire, got a blanket, and watched Fireproof. I never allow myself to watch TV during the day but it was such a treat.The movie was a little corny but it had a powerful and lasting message. I loved many parts of it but the part that resonated me was the correlation between God's unconditional love for us and the unconditional love that we should have for our spouse. God loves us when we are unlovable. He loves us even when most people would look at us and think that no one should love us. He loves us when we don't love ourselves and he loves us when we don't deserve it.

6- I'm happy its February! I always love a new month and January isn't a favorite. Its always the month when you are coming off so much fun and activity and I always feel a little sad.It's cold and kinda dreary. But that's a GREAT month!! So I wish you all a February filled with love, fun, pink and red, romance, candy hearts and sugar cookies.


Justin said...

Hi, it's Melanie. I can't ever leave comments on here because I don't have a blogger account. So I am using Justin's :)

That LM Montgomery quote is one of my absolute favorites.

My Homebuilder's Group (marriage Bible study type thing) is doing the book that they read in Fireproof.

Anonymous said...

As always, I loved your Sunday Six. I really must start paying more attention to the little things in life, they mean so much and most times I just take them for granted. Thanks for reminding me how sweet they are.

G & H said...

Ooh I am a huge tea fan too! Since starting acupuncture and herbs he told me to stay away from herbal tea ( Mmy favorite) so I've been missing it! And Gran torino awesome huh?

Sounds like a wonderfu week!


Ashlyn Carter said...

Oh! i loved this sunday six. and I love you all enjoyed the oatmeal as much as I did! wow! $1 all the time?!?! That's fantastic! No fair! ;)