Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

I am a day late...but feel a little out of sorts for not doing my Sunday Six this week. So I am going to stop a minute and say thank you for six blessings this week. With a grateful heart...

1- My dear friend is HOME!!! I could just write that one down six times and that would be enough.She is doing wonderful and my heart is soooo happy! I can hardly wait to be able to visit and see her sweet smile! Doctors and modern medicine are truly miraculous .

2- I know I have said it numerous times before but I LOVE my daughter in law!! As I sat across from her today at lunch I almost cried. I just feel so blessed that our life now includes this amazing girl. Funny how our family expanded and we cant even remember life before her and her sweet presence.I was in San Diego today so we hooked up for a fun lunch date. Chit Chat,Salads,Giggles, and my darling dil= A PERFECT AFTERNOON. God blessed Trav BIG time..and blessed our whole family as well

3- Steve cracks me up...I was telling Ash today how many times he said the word"tasty"on our trip. And for some reason it just makes me laugh "this croissant is pretty tasty" " my salmon sure is tasty" Lindsay and I often tease him because when he wants something sweet he will ask if we have any "delicacies" It is just so cute and dainty coming out of a 6'3 burly guy. Its the little things......

4-I have new blog friends!! I received a few sweet notes this week that made my day! People who found my blog through friends or family.I love reading their blogs and being able to pray for them and cheer for their families. I often think my blog seems very boring and ordinary, but I am glad someone likes to read it and the encouragement meant so much. Thanks Heather,Liz and Sara~

5-Of course I have to mention flight 1549! WOW the coverage was gripping and I watched quite a bit because it moved me so much. I found myself thinking of the contrast between these amazing passengers and crew and the selfish people at Wal Mart before Christmas fighting for TV sets. They were all anxious to get off that plane but there was no scrambling and everyone helped each other. It restores your faith in man kind.New York is loaded with heroes. The rescue crews were phenomenal. And Captain Sully,not many heroes have the chance to save even one life, and he saved over 150.

6-Today I picked up my dresser and I'm so happy to have it home. When I was young I bought my best friend Janet's dresser for $10. And my kind neighbor painted it yellow to match my canopy bed. It was always in my room but when I got married my mom kept it at her house. So after she passed away I took it home and it has been in my garage. I dropped it off last week to be painted white and shabby chic. And its super cute! The sound of the handles clicking bring back so many memories. I still remember which drawers I kept my things in. And it totally smells like my mom! What a special "serendipity" (her favorite word) I think I have had it for about 35 years....A pretty good buy for 10 bucks
Hope your week is filled with love, grace and fun!


Greg and Heather said...

Aw Thank you! I love new blogger buddies too! And I totally stole your sunday six idea so thank you :) Have a wonderful blessed week!


Cougarnana said...

Oh my gosh, I have to comment about your dresser, wonderful Sunday Six by the way. When my mom and dad got married my dad brought only one thing "into the marriage"...a desk. It is very small, only three drawers and a pull down top. My parents were married in 1941 so it's at least 68 years old, but really older because he had had it for sometime already. When my dad died, his desk was really the only thing I wanted and I got it! By then it was in pretty bad condition, the drawers didn't slide very well and it was banged up badly, etc. I had it refinished and refurbished and now it is beautiful. I LOVE that little desk, it brings such wonderful memories to me everytime I take a minute to look at it. It's in a prominent place in our home and I walk by it a thousand times a day but when I "really" look at it, it reminds me of my dad so much. Isn't it wonderful that we have these sweet memories of our parents and the wonderful childhoods they gave us. I know I would LOVE your dresser.

Casey said...

Opps! wrong comment on the wrong post!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

She's home! She's home! I cannot wait to see her. She wants to go out already~! Like you said, the wonders of modern medicine and technology. We just got her back to Temecula and I want to have her around until we are all old ladies, well, older ladies, and play with grandbabies~!

I hope Ashlyn knows how much you love her~! What a precious thing to have such heartfelt feelings toward your wonderful son's new wife. It was funny, I found a picture of my baby's wedding and there was a picture of Travis in line to try to catch the garter. I wish I could remember who actually did catch it. I would love it if it was him!

Sara Beara said...

I <3 Sunday six! And hopefully I'm not being presumptuous here but if "Sara" is me...I'm so honored! haha I do love your blogtastic writing:) Happy Wednesday!

Ashlyn Carter said...

so much love right back attcha. that was a fun lunch monday! can we do that again sooooon??

ps- trav always says "delacacies" and it makes me laugh SO hard! Now I know where he gets it from! :)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love that new background! and of course your Sunday Six!
I love the comment about Steve and "tasty". Brent laughs at me because I say "fella"..."he's a cute fella". He has a few yjings himself...but my favorite "little thing" that he does is he always makes a fist and puts it in front of his mouth when he laughs hard!
They are the best!
Have a great week!

Sara Beara said...

YES YES YES! I realized I wasn't a creme puff (or church lady as I usually call my counter parts) when I worked at my last school1 I too am loud, opinionated and Passionate!!! And obvi, can still love the Lord. It's such a tough realization that people can have bad intentions and be sketchy! I hate that!