Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday to pause and think back on the little things of the week that I am grateful for. I have learned by doing this each week how much sweeter life is when lived with gratitude.

1- I met Thia Mary for lunch in Hemet! If you have ever been to Hemet it's certainly not a place that you would LOVE to go. But its half way between our houses and she sounded kinda lonesome so I suggested we meet for lunch. We had such a fun time! She amazes me...she is a very young 82 and is a kick. She laughs constantly and tells the best stories. Then we visited her old neighbor who is living in an assisted living home. When Mary walked in the ladies eyes lit up with excitement. I can sometimes be selfish with my time and want to use my days off for"me" And I feel terrible that I might hesitate to go,I drove away thinking I need "Fridays with Mary" to soak up all the time I have with my moms precious sister!

2- I have a chalkboard in my dining room and people sometimes write little notes on it, or I'll put a scripture on it. Today as I was dusting I noticed it said "Its so good to be home, Chad" It made me smile. It sure has been fun having him home. (even though he sure is a messy little fella)

3- We bought our tickets to San Fransisco!! Another item on the bucket list that I will soon be able to cross off.I have never been and my list of things to do and see is growing. I would love any ideas! Places to eat..things to do....It will be the " 5 Carters" all together making memories!

4- Heated mattress pads! I am not a fan of electric blankets but all my aunts love their mattress pads. So I thought I would try one and I am a new convert. You turn that baby on to high,crawl in, and it's delicious! Steve is worried that I am going to get a disease from heating my blood too hot. He calls it my" lupus lounge" But it sure is comfy! Its on the guest bed so I only use it for naps and to warm up. Mr Matchstick says its too warm for our bed.

5- Gerber Daisy's- I have been going to the Farmers Market on Saturdays and become a huge fan of these darling little flowers. Yesterday I bought "red" and they are adorable...I like them in bell jars or little white pitchers. They are just so sweet and they make my kitchen and my soul happy!

6- I am thankful for the Internet! I have a facebook acct and my cousin Janie from Nebraska found me last week!She has always been such a kindred spirit and we have not always kept in touch like we should. I was able to see photos of her boys and grand babies, of her darling hubby fishing and her beautiful smile. Sometimes life gets busy and we don't find the time to mail pictures and letters but how great that we all can keep up with each others lives this way. A connection from a little farm in Ord to me here in Temecula. What a blessing for sure......


Greg and Heather said...

Oh I love that chalk board in your kitchen! So cute! Sounds like a wonderful week! Sending blessings your way and a happy Sunday! :)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

San Francisco~! I have not been to San Francisco in years, I barely remember it. All I remember is how beautiful it was.

When you travel, what do you like most? The place, the people you meet, or the people you go with and the fun you have with them? I am trying to figure out the best part of travel. Some places are just beautiful and fun, like Hawaii, and some places have so much history, it is almost overwhelming.

One day, I have to get to the Farmer's Market. I have never been to the one in Old Town. I hear they have some amazing stuff there.

Lindsay said...

I get so excited when you have a new blog tietta! It just moves my heart and soul! I am so happy about your San Fran trip! You will love it! The cable cars and Clam chowder at the wharf!

Sending you hugs!
love linds

Cougarnana said...

Once again, I so enjoyed your Sunday Six. I love getting a little glimpse into your life. Sorry about going to Hemet, I've been there many times and it runs a close race with Barstow for being my least favorite place. Your aunt sounds cute though so I'm sure it was worth it. Hey, I laughed about the tacos!!

Karen Carter said...

From Holly!
I wish I had an electric mattress pad! Gerber daisies have always been my favorite, I HAVE to get down to that Farmers Market. I always forget! I wish I had a Thia Mary! Older people are so interesting to talk to. All the memories and stories they've accumulated! I'm so excited for you and your diminishing bucket list! (meaning the things you're crossing off!) I went to high school in Santa Rosa, which is about an hour north of SF. I say go for the sourdough bread and clam chowder! If I remember right, the "red bus" is a lot cheaper than taking the cable cars around. You have to experience the cable cars, but if you need transportation, the bus system is the way to go. Seems like they're on
every corner, along with homeless men with no teeth!

Melanie said...

Karen- where did you get the chalkboard?