Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Six...Thanks & Giving

This week to be honest was not all fun, some of the time I wasn't feeling very thankful.But as often is the case, flowers grow among the thorns and every rain brings rainbows. So I am focused on the good and found much joy!

1-As I mentioned before I am SO thankful to Chloe for coming and staying a few days! She truly is an angel.Our dinner was fabulous and everything tasted amazing!She did the stuffing, potatoes,jello,and she make a wonderful pumpkin dessert. She did however forget the sugar!!So we told the Greeks she made a "sugar free" dessert just for them. They loved it and felt so touched that she went out of her way. We laughed about it for hours.Steve's turkey was so tender and good and they all commented how happy they were that I was resting and letting them do the work. So even if I'm better, you bet I'm gonna haul the brace out for Christmas dinner : ) But I will shed it to do the dishes because my sweet Tietta did every dish and pan with Chloes help. I am quite sure they went to sleep that night completely exhausted. I will always appreciate having such a loving,giving family!

2-I am reminded how when you face a certain struggle it makes you so much more compassionate for others in the same situation. I will never take for granted feeling healthy and being able to walk up my stairs. And if I ever see someone on crutches I promise to ask if they need any help. It is so much more difficult than I ever imagined. Just putting on those leopard thong panties I wear is such a bummer (gotta find the joy..)

3-I was such a wreck to call in sick at my new store & right on the busiest day of the year! I was adjusting perfectly and they are so darn good to me! The guilt was unbearable. So I stopped by on my way home from the doctor and talked to my boss! He and the bookkeeper came out and completely put my heart at ease,covered all my shifts and sent me off with a big hug and wish to feel better soon. I cant tell you how much their kindness meant to me. Even my new front end manager called the next day and was so precious and sweet! I am most grateful!!

4-Sunday morning I woke up to this on my porch!
My friend Trish dropped it off for me and it was like heaven!My favorite iced coffee and croissant! She and Jamie have also come by twice to walk Brody! Sweet friends are the BEST!! Again I am overwhelmed with thanks for their giving~

5-Chad and Steve went away on a boys trip and are having a BLAST! Steve felt bad for leaving me but I assured them I was going to be on the couch with my leg propped watching movies all weekend. (although once or twice I have thought what was I thinking??) But they have called a lot and every time I hear from them I am so glad they went.Good quality "dad" time is so rare and Steve sounds so happy!

6-Travis spent Thanksgiving with Ashlyns family again this year and even though we miss them I am so glad that his life includes her sweet family and grandparents. New traditions and a whole new group of family who love and embrace him. Her precious grams lovingly makes all the food and Trav said it's amazing! I am thankful that they love their son in law the way I do Ash! They are blessed indeed.

What a great week it has been in spite of some bummers! I have so much to be thankful for and with a Grate-"full" heart I say " Thank you"
Wishing you a wonderful week filled with love, joy and giggles!


Cougarnana said...

Sophia, What in the world has happened to you???? I see that you've hurt your knee but HOW??? In all honesty, however, being an "old" checker 'n all...this is just the greatest time to be "laid up". I'm so sorry for you, BUT I'm SO happy for you. Back in 1998 I fell at Church on November 15th. I was on crutches until the end of the year and unable to work. I had surgery in January BUT it was so worth it all!! It was the BEST holiday season I had had in 20 years. Even though I hobbled around the mall, it was just the happiest time EVER! So, I'm sorry you've been hurt but I'm wishing you the happiest holiday season EVER.

Cougarnana said...

P.S. Will you remind me how to do the Snow Effect

The Lunds (and a few Koenigs) said...

Oh my... I was so sad to see you on crutches on the day of Thanks. Please blog the story. One time I hurt my thumb... and for real, we use our thumbs 400,000 times a day, and I was so devastated at all the things I couldn't do. I can't imagine a real injury. If I were there, I'd help you with your skivies. Would that be too helpful? Maybe. But what are friends for?