Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Memory Lane~

One of my all time favorite pictures! My mom would read the kids "Twas the night before Christmas" every single Christmas Eve. Of course she would first give them their new Christmas PJ's. For some reason the look on Chads face just makes me laugh. Little whipper snapper is trying hard to be excited about it.And my mom looks so darn serious,I'm quite sure she was concentrating hard on her best Santa voice! She told the story with so much love and joy! I cherish these memories!


Housewife Savant said...

You failed to mention the great "weight line" haircuts.
My husband ROCKED the weight line cut. He's a flat-top man, so we think of that time as his rebellious days. Practically rockstar hair.
Love the jammies.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I don't know why but this picture just made me laugh. You are right, your mom is so serious and the boys are so cute (don't hit me boys!) in their jammies. I just talked to my mom and she said she is going to start taking all her Christmas stuff down and get "ready" to put everything up. I feel postitively lazy when I talk to her~!

Missed you at Bonnie's...we needed your good luck but we made friends in line. You are rubbing off on us!

Anonymous said...

Where has the time gone! We mis ya ya so very much but this picture is as if it was just yesterday! I so remember the jammies and the story times! How blessed are we to have had such a precious woman in our lives to love us and our husbands and our awesome kids! Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane!!
Love you!
Linds xoxo

Cougarnana said...

I, too, love the look on Chad's face, kinda like, "Ah, I think I've heard this story before." What would we do without our sweet memories?