Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Six...

With this being the week of Thanksgiving I find myself extra thankful for all my blessings! I am looking forward to a great holiday with my family. And I am extra thankful that the Greeks are all coming. They get so excited about our gatherings! I'm so happy that I was raised with a family who cherished each holiday and always got together no matter how far they had to travel.
Here are six blessings of my week when I smiled and said thanks....

1-I love social weeks that are filled with fun! First a great lunch with Trish and Rhonda and lots of time to catch up and be together. I'm so thankful that we continue to keep in touch and will always be great friends! Then I had bunco at Carol's on Wednesday and it was amazing. She had the most beautiful table settings and treated us all to a fabulous dinner! Her home is so beautiful and always decorated perfectly. It was a small group and we never even played, but had such a good time just being together! Then last night a fun impromptu dinner with three other couples.The girls played dominoes while the guys shot pool. We made homemade pizza and salad and I made brownies.When you put it all together it was a easy, perfect dinner with friends. It was a great night! Thank you Daigles for putting the plan together.We love you all!

2- One day this week my facebook status was "I am thankful for my new family and that my store feels more and more like home everyday" I am so grateful that my heart feels this way. There are so many great people there and my boss is awesome! Change is never easy but there are new adventures around every corner!

3- CHLOE PASSED HER TEST!!! She had to fly to Seattle for a HUGE test. It was four hours long and most people take it at least twice because it is so extensive. It's for her certification as a child life specialist. But not our girl~ She passed the first time! She is so darn smart and we are so proud of her. She has been getting so many kudos at work and many doctors request her for procedures because she is so great at her job. I am one proud auntie! Chloe hopefully you can hear us cheering for you from here!!

4-Christmas music! I love to listen to the music of this season. There are so many beautiful carols about Christs birth. I find myself singing along in my car with a heart bursting with joy!

5-I love Freebies! And this week my was full of fun free treats. Vistaprint had an offer of 250 free address labels for Christmas. I ordered some,they arrived and are darling! Totally free! Then edible arrangements had a coupon for a box of free dipped fruit. So we had 6 chocolate dipped strawberries that were so yummy! Yesterday we printed coupons for a free lunch at Wahoos because it was their birthday. We shared a soda and left a good tip and only spent 5 bucks! And of course I still love packages in the mail and lots of those came too for free samples and treats. Here are two of my favorite sites for freebies! Visit everyday and get some goodies too.
Free Samples
Free Savings Blog

6-I got lots of shopping done for Christmas! I love to search for the perfect gift for those I love. And when I find things that I know they will like I get so excited! I even wrapped and have things all stacked and ready to go under the tree. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family,love and joy. And a grateful heart for all that we have been given. Like the poem I shared last year reads " I am drinking from my saucer cause my cup has overflowed! This year I can honestly say the same is true !
Blessings and love....Karen~


The Lunds (and a few Koenigs) said...

Oh... I wish you the happiest of weeks and especially Thanksgiving Day. I am always uplifted when I read your posts, so I will be Thankful this year for my friend, Karen

Anonymous said...

Loved this Sunday Six and it def was a great way to start off Thanksgiving week reading about it! I'm thankful for you and the Carter fam this week for sure! Love you guys!
XOXO Kaitlin

Anonymous said...

Karen reading your blog is like getting a vitimin shot! You always fill me with joy and you help us to get the right focus! I love you with all my heart and can't wait to see you Thursday! I am truly Thankful for you and Steven Fred!!!
Love Linds xoxo

Housewife Savant said...

I love this post.
I love your heart.
We had a great Thanksgiving and gave Christmas a leg up with a little decorating and some Christmas tunes.
I've been away and didn't know you were crutching. (Isn't it a pain?)
Take all the help you can get. Stay off your feet and mend well.