Friday, November 13, 2009

Teeter Totter

Friendships are such an amazing gift from God. Life would be no fun without the right perspective and advice from friends. Last night was our moms dinner which we do once a month. Sometimes it's all laughs and good news and sometimes one of us is hurting and needs support and tender care. And truthfully both nights are just as enriching. Either way it happens to be, you walk away thinking how lucky we are to have each other. Without someone to teeter with, we might be stuck on the ground needing to be lifted up. But with friends the next thing you know you are sailing through the sky with your arms raised up , filled again with joy and the problems of this life don't seem so bad after all.If you are ever sad I sure hope you call me! I will drop everything to come out and play!

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Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Oh, Karen, I loved this post...a heartfelt reminder of how important friends are.