Friday, October 30, 2009

I am lovin....

(this pic is totally unrelated but who wouldn't love these)

*Honeycrisp apples! I bought a 12 pack at Costco and they are ahhhmazing! They have a very short season so they are kinda expensive but worth every penny.Crispy,juicy and when you eat all those apples you can almost feel the weight falling off.

*My internal clock waking me up at 3am(since that's when I used to get up for work)But being able to hit my internal snooze and sleep until 6 or later is awesome! I think I'm liking my new store more and more with every cozy roll over.

*I now have five Christmas gifts bought and stashed.I really want to wrap them but my husband keeps giving me weird looks when I ask him to get the Christmas boxes down?

*We are attending a party tonight and I am making these. Now I am warning you!! They not only are a Paula Deen recipe but the ingredients include sausage, cheese, and bisquick. So basically they're a "cardiac platter" But they are the most yummy little appetizers ever! And since I make mine into small balls they hardly count. Plus I omit the dip which deducts even more calories from each ball eaten.

*Stride Gum, "nonstop mint" Seriously the best gum ever! I am addicted

*Blog comments which I have not been getting near enough of (hint hint)

*Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Soda....Very refreshing and yummy! Tastes like a Shirley Temple and those remind me of my Daddy! He would always order me one when we went out and I felt so special sipping them. ♥

* - if you have never shopped online here try it today! They have the sweetest things that are mostly all hand made. It makes shopping for gifts so easy and special! I bought Sara the cutest necklace and had it stamped "Silly Sara" which I have always called her! I know she will love it and I love supporting crafters. If you need darling little girl bows or headbands visit "Shining Stars Boutique" which is my friend Jessica's shop. Very talented and oh so cute! Also my friend Nancy's daughter makes the cutest knit hats! Click here to see her things!

*I was at Holly's for Bunco and she was wearing her cute little slippers which got us talking about them.I have always been more of a 'cozy sock' kind of girl,but after seeing how cozy she was in hers and how much she loved them I decided to get some too! So at Khols the other day they had them for ten dollars and I've hardly had them off my feet! So cute and easy to slip on.I am just lovin my slippers!

What do you love? Any fun new finds to share? If so leave me a comment. I would love to know what you are loving these day!


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I love Shirley Temples for the same reason! My dad would take us kids to a "nice" restaurant to teach us manners and he would let us order Shirley Temples. The boys got Roy Roger drinks. I don't think it's strange that you want to wrap gifts already...wrap away. (Bah humbug, on the other hand, will get after you.)

Teddy Bear and I have been watching the Food channel more and, of course, we love Paula Deen. Yummmyyyy.

What do I love? Dang. I am going to have to think about may have inspired a post!

Housewife Savant said...

I'll think of a skillion "loves" as soon as I post this comment. Maybe like Happy Hour I'll write an entire post...
Right now I am LOVING pb&j sandwiches and mandarin oranges - so many carbs in one delightful "meal" that makes me diet fail over and over and over.
I like my blog persona, who's so smart, cool, and snarky that she'd never admit that she has NO CLUE what bunco is, and that it drives her crazy (and she's too lazy to Google it.)
Shh, it's our secret Karen!

Melanie said...

I bought myself a new pair of slippers this week at Payless because the whole store was 50% off. Too cool!

Cougarnana said...

Thanks for sharing all the cute new things in your life. I love etsy too but I can't figure out how to buy stuff on there. Love the slippers, need the recipe for the cardiac platter, looking for the Sierra Mist and I'm with you on the blog comments (hint, hint)!! I've been giving some thought to what "I'm Lovin'" lately, it might turn into a post, we'll see. Hey, I'm anxious to hear how the first week at the new store went.

Kori said...

I absolutely love my slippers too. I always have to have something on my feet... cannot stand to be barefoot... slippers are the way to go, especially in the winter. How is your new store? Have you made a zillion friends already? Hope your first week went well!

Jessi (in Nashville) said...

Honeycrisp apples are the best! I'm so glad there's someone who shares my obsession. I've had one every morning with breakfast for the last two weeks! I'm lovin' that we got a Trader Joes so I have easy access to those delicious treats.