Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Six...

There have been many blessings this week and my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness.Here are six that made me smile and reminded me yet again how truly good God is!

1- Steve and the boys went away for a mens retreat with my brother Kenny and his church. Steve was literally "giddy" that he was going to be with the boys for the whole weekend. They called and are having a great time! They will be home later today and I can hardly wait to hear all about it!
2- Because the boys were away my sweet daughter in law drove up for the afternoon on Saturday.It was so nice to hang out just us girls.We did a little shopping and had dinner on the patio at one of my favorite restaurants in town. She is such an amazing girl and I LOVE having time alone to build our friendship and share our hearts.I have always loved being a mom to boys and never wanted anything else, but I now know what people mean about having a daughter. It's the BEST!

3-I spent an afternoon with Chad last week and we had such a special time. I went to his house in La Jolla and we walked along the beach and through the city to a fun lunch spot. First he made me go into Rocky Mountain Chocolate and pick out a couple pieces. I told him I certainly didn't need chocolate but he insisted on buying me some (how precious is this kid?) We had the best day! I called Steve on the way home and tried to tell him about it but couldn't even get the words out.Chad is so sweet to me and he is going to be the most thoughtful husband ever! Later that day his facebook status said "Had the best day today with my momma" a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.The view from his room! Not a bad gig.....
4- My dear friend Krissy had a birthday and we decided to meet for lunch. I was so happy that Rhonda just happened to drop by while we were leaving so she came and joined in the fun! Rhonda worked with Krissy 28 years ago and we all have been friends forever.Crazy Krissy is a HOOOT! She turned 62 but she is the most fun, young at heart person I have ever known. I always say that she "walks in the sunshine" and its true! She is never in a grumpy mood and calls everyone sweety and honey. She really is just that nice. So we all went to lunch and for reflexology! What a fun day! Although that will probably be the last time we let her drive. Literally 80 miles an hour with music blaring on her Bose system, taking the corners on 2 wheels. She is NO where near being a senior...

5- A serendipity from our neighbor Donna and her family. We came home to the sweetest note and homemade pumpkin coasters. She wanted to wish us a Happy Fall and thank us for being such good neighbors! We never take for granted that we live on the best block with the kindest neighbors.I was so touched by her kindness and can hardly wait to think of a way to bless her back.

6-Brody and I are in our third week of puppy school and we are having so much fun! He is such a sweet boy and is so eager to please and obey. And he is such a little teachers pet! It isn't easy being firm and disciplining him but I am learning. Plus if he's good we go out after class for an In-and-Out burger and he LOVES it. He has been such good company for us and we love having a pup.

I hope you all have a sweet week filled with blessings and giggles! And that we all look for the blessings in life and chose to walk in the sunshine!


Cougarnana said...

What a fun post Sophia! I loved it all. How great for all your boys to get to spend the weekend together and how fun that you now have a daughter to do girly things with. I absolutely LOVE the view from Chad's room, that's where I thought we would retire...somewhere cool. I'm not really complaining because I do love St. George but it gets so HOT here in the summer. The view of the ocean is magnificent, how fun for Chad to live in such a dreamy place. I can't believe you are going to "puppy school"...what a crack-up. I hope Brody gets an "A" which seems like a sure thing since he's won the teacher's heart. I think Jim and I would really love having a dog again but we are gone so much that I don't know how we could manage one. Maybe when we decide to stay home a little more, we'll give it some thought. I think Brody must be the luckiest puppy alive to get you for a mom and In 'n Out too!!

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

you're too sweet. love you! and had such a fun, fun sweet time.