Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Agnes and Eunice together again!

I had the BEST day Sunday hanging out with my dear friend who I grew up with! Renee and I lived on the same street and were inseparable all through high school. If you line up all my happy school memories Renee would be a huge part of them! We were such good girls, but any mischief we did get into was because we were together. We loved to skip last period to go home and watch General Hospital,We drove by boys houses hoping for a glimpse of them outside. Her high school crush"Micky" worked at Food Giant so we made more trips to that darn market than any two girls ought to. (She reminded me that we stole the big ole Food Giant banner and hung it in her room,bird doo and all) We took our very first road trip together to Santa Barbara when we turned 16. We spent the weekend riding bikes along the board walk and had such a fun adventure. If you were to ask our families about Renee and I they would certainly mention the "New York" accents we spoke with all through high school. She was "Agnes Goober" and I was "Eunice Burns" I vividly remember my mom saying"will you girls please just talk normal" but I think we forgot how! We would kibitz all day long.We were simply kindred spirits who loved each other like sisters and never tired of each others company!
Well a few weeks ago she mentioned that she was moving to the area where Kenny and Lindsay live and how she was looking for a church. She had no idea that Ken was a pastor at one right in her own back yard. So we agreed to meet at church and then go have a nice long lunch and catch up! I almost cried holding her hand in church remembering back to being together 30 years ago during youth group. Kenny still had to remind us to not giggle and pass notes! There truly is no substitute for a old friend and I am so thankful that I still have mine! A three hour lunch was still not enough time to scratch the surface and catch up so we are hoping to meet again soon. I adore you Agnes and always will! Love and hugs....Eunice~


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Okay, Eunice, I have to hear the accent the next time I see you~!

Anonymous said...

I also have a BF from jr.high-hs yrs.She too lived on the same street..we were like one person as well.My father w/say "get off the phone-you were just w/her all day".We lost contact for over 30+yrs & I found her just last Dec. We talk all the time & send emails.Thank God for internet..I have my BF once again in my life..she truly is my contact of my childhood....we enjoy reflecting back in time...not to mention sharing the present... Love your blog