Friday, October 9, 2009

Garden of Joy

I am so happy and it's all because of the Lord's amazing love! He has filled my life with people who constantly plant in my garden of joy! I've said it before, but I am so grateful for my family and friends. How does one girl get so darn lucky? I honestly feel like I should NEVER complain about anything EVER.Because when life gets hard or sad,I remember I have had more blessings than any one person should be allowed. And yes you should remind me of that next time I get cranky and complain. Slap me and tell me to knock it off (then take me out for a cupcake to make me feel better) Here are a few blooms from my garden. I know its Fall but because of you my heart always feels like Spring!

*Had the BEST time with my book babes laughing and sharing stories. Casey went to Italy for her 25th wedding anniversary and brought us all back beautiful necklaces and darling book marks.They were so kind and generous to me on my birthday and my home is filled with sweet gifts and beautiful flowers! I LOVE my book babes...

*People are truly good and when you meet a stranger who shows kindness it makes me want to be a better person! Brody got hurt the other day at the dog park. He was running and really hurt his leg. (night crew guys couldn't believe this story...nothing around but his own two feet and he fell? Yep he's my dog) Luckily he is better and on his way to a full recovery. But of course when it happened I was a wreck! This sweet man who is at least 70 picked Brody up and carried him all the way to my car! Then he gave me a big ole hug.When I thanked him he simply said "that's what friends are for". It melted my heart! I wrote him a thank you note and gave him a little Starbucks gift card. I didn't even know his name but addressed it "My dog park hero" Another seed of kindness in my garden.

*My niece Sara left me the sweetest voice mail message about meeting Peter Pan & the Princesses at Disney World! The sheer joy in her voice as she was telling me all the details was precious. She leaves me the cutest messages but this one I want to record for you all to hear. It is just that sweet! In her heart they are are all real, they fly, and they are truly her friends. Sara's garden is always in full bloom! And we are so blessed by her joy.
*It has been a couple weeks but I wanted to thank the work girls for making my birthday so fun! It's kinda a joke about me being the "princess" So they did it up big time! tiara, sash, beads, a princess lunch pail, and of course a Hawaiian themed cake to remind me what a dork I am.I once sincerely asked Steve who first started calling me superstar? And he said " I think it was you?" (very funny) But because of that I am afraid to ask how I got the princess title? But I sure love it and I love having friends who indulge my craziness. Trish,Rhonda and all my work buddies I love you !

*Kenny we thank you so much for taking the boys and Steve on the retreat. They had a blast and loved being with you! Nothing lasts longer than happy memories and I know it will be a trip they will always cherish. You are the BEST Uncle Buck!

*Yet another package from Dave! That boy is so darn thoughtful. This time it was a autographed copy of a book written by a author he knows.She lives in Tennessee and goes to his church.Looks like it has a fun southern feel which I adore. I can hardly wait to dig into it with a tall glass of sweet tea. Dave you are such a blessing!

I am going to find ways to plant some seeds of joy in others lives this week. Can you imagine if we all decided to "pay it forward" and give back for all that we have been given! Sounds like a perfect challenge to me.And be sure to let me know how your garden grows!
Love, hugs and giggles "Lilo"


Blessed said...

what a beautifully blessed life!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

As always, you girls reminded me once again that you and the book babes are the best couch, but plenty of giggles. Poor Brody. I hope the little couch eater is enjoying himself as a dog of leisure while he heals.

The book looks so good...let us know~!

Chloe Krikac said...

What a fun post! And thanks for the inspiration to pay it forward. Such a wonderful goal to keep in the forefront of our minds as we go throughout our day. The book looks so adorable from the cover, keep us posted! :)