Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Portuguese Tidbits!

I cant say any names but I have a best friend who is Portuguese and she cracks me up! Most days when I answer the phone she just starts talking.No hello, just mid sentence about what she found at Çostco or some random thing. I come home to the funniest messages and I love them! I can picture her cooking or cleaning and thinking"I'm gonna call Karen real quick" Here are just a few "Sandyisms" recently found on my machine. I know they lose a little in translation but I cant help but share.

"Its me...since you're not home I'm turning the Dr Phil show on..They are talking about family massacres so I guess life can always be worse"

"I cant afford to buy both my hormone medication and blood pressure pills. So do I want to go crazy or have a stroke?"

"Where are you? I want to share some of my recent escapades with you. Call me" (who uses the word escapades?)

"Hi it's me....did you ever have days when you really didn't like your teenagers? Ok call me"

"Oh my gosh I just ate a can of tomato soup. Then realized that I still had 1/2 sleeve of crackers left so I made a second can. I have never in my life eaten two cans of Campbells soup. What is wrong with me today"

Aren't you glad we all have somebody to bounce the most random of thoughts off. Like Seinfeld says "just the daily menusha of life" Sandy I am glad that we are friends for the BIG and little things!


Anonymous said...

Sooo Cute is Sandy! I could just picture her cleaning and thinking of you and wanting you to know her thoughts! I was cracking up and her Sandyisms! She's the BEST and I think you both are so very blessed to have each other!! Give her a hug for me next time you see her and let her know we are praying for her darling daughter shey!
Love ya Tietta!
Love Linds

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Why the heck isn't she blogging?!! These were so funny. I would love to come home and find these kinds of messages. All I get are telemarketers or people looking for the person who had my number previously...who apparently is running out on their bills. Man, they are so suspicious when I tell them I'm not so and so. Maybe one day I should say yes and then blog about it!

Anonymous said...

They say that best friends pick up right where they left off (even after being separated for a long time) and it sounds like Sandy is the Master of that! What a fun friend! Hey, I sent you another e-mail with a few more questions and I'll be anxious to hear about your first week at the new store, it's next week right? Good Luck, I'll be thinking about you.