Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding Joy

It's been kinda a bummer week and I have been fighting being sad. As I was organizing my photos I came across this precious video of Mekenna and I the last time she was here. It sure made me smile! There is nothing like the unconditional love of a child. I called her mommy and asked if I could take her for a play day Monday and she said Mekenna was thrilled about the idea. So I think we'll get our nails done, go to lunch, of course the park, and maybe a trip to build a bear. I love that one of my best friends is five!


Cougarnana said...

I'm sorry that you've been on the verge of sadness but there's not a better way to cure your ills than with a cute and fun 5-year old. I'm sure your day with her will fix you right up. What a cutie!! You are going to be the very best grandma, I'll bet the line is long with those little ones waiting to get down here to earth and hoping beyond hope that they make it into your family. I hope you and Mekenna have a wonderful day on Monday.

Saranne said...

Being with one of your best friends is a great cure for sadness....had a down week myself, but spent yesterday at Disneyland with one of my "besties", 2 1/2 year old heart is so full, and the blues have been chased back to where they belong. Enjoy your playdate!