Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Six...

Feels like its been ages since I posted and even longer since I have done my Sunday Six. Things have been so busy. But no excuses~I need to take the time to sit and thank God for the many blessings in my life.Here are six to share as a peek into the very blessed life of the Carters

1-I had my "Julia" themed dinner party and it was so much fun! It ended up being just my BFF and her hubby Dennis and us. But we sure had a GREAT night. Sandy brought us pearls and broaches(so Julia) and the Beef Bourguignon was fabulous! It was a lot of steps to prepare but the boys really loved it.I had gone to the Farmers market and got fresh flowers and good crusty bread.After supper we played games out on the patio and chatted for hours.I cherish the time with my friends so much that even over hot dogs and Frito's it would still be fabulous!

2-We had a fun getaway for Lindsay's birthday! Kenny was super busy doing a wedding and conference so it was just Lindsay,Chloe,Steve and I. Once again we has so much fun! My sweet friend Casey's daughter came to "Brody sit" and it was so nice to never worry about him.Thank you so much Lauren! And a BIG thanks to my boss and friend Trish who gave me an extra day off so we could leave town early ! We love you Lindsay and were so happy to be with you to celebrate your birthday!

3-Candy Corn arrived in the stores!! Which to me is one of the happiest days of the year! Because that means Fall cant be far off. It has been a mild summer filled with some terrific fun but I just don't love summer! But it wont be long now and Fall will be here.With pumpkin scents, soups, sweaters,and changing leaves. Now that is pure joy

4-FAMILY! When Sandy was here we were going through photos on my computer and she kept saying "Karen you have such a big extended family and you have so much fun with them" And she is so right. My aunts and uncles, the cousins, my own brothers and their wives. We all get along fabulously and they are such a huge part of my life. If I don't talk to my Thia Mary at least three times a week I really miss her. And of course with my own three kids, I feel so blessed each time they call to say Hi and chat. Life is only sweet when it is shared with people you love. And I am so glad that we have so many to love, and who love us.

5-Markdowns at work! Not much this Greek girl loves more than a good ole bargain. I often will text Ashlyn and ask if she needs a toaster? tea maker? Bbq tools? Coolers? We often have GREAT stuff for super cheap and for some reason I just cant pass them up.So last week they marked down diapers. I'm sure they thought I was a little crazy when I sent this pic and asked if I should buy some? They will probably not be having babies for a couple more years,but at six dollars a bag you know I left with three! They will be on the shelf with all the rest of my treasures and who knows maybe this YaYa will need them sooner than we think.

6-A couple weeks ago my brothers pastor lost his precious son Josiah in a car accident. It was such a sudden death and such a huge loss for their family, their church family and for my brother Dave's family too as they have been a part of his life since he was a little boy. But the faith in God and the testimonies that came out of his passing have really changed me. To watch Pastor Steve do his sons funeral and be able to see the Lords hand is nothing short of amazing. Over 2 thousand people came to the service and 4500 watched online. It is such a wake up call to us all that no one is guaranteed tomorrow and we need to live ready if God should call us home. The one quote that will forever stay with me was when Steve was speaking about Josiah being a organ donor and how 7 people literally have life because of him, He said " We were praying for a miracle for Josiah but God chose for him to be the miracle, and I am ok with that" Wow what faith!! It is amazing to see how lovingly God is keeping them in His mighty grip.
I wish you all a week filled with love and blessings. And the time to count them. We all have so much to be thankful for!


Ashlyn Carter said...

love my sweet texts on mark down deals! Yes, even diapers. Love my family so much too! what a blessing to marry into such a large fun family! can't wait to see you and have a party this weekend!! xo

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Can you put me on your text blast for those bargains?!! Purty please....

I really want to try to debone a duck and then make that fabulous recipe in the movie. Made me drool.

I am beginning to think that you are right...fall is the best season~! I am so looking forward to it this year. I used to bite off just the tips of the candy corns to bug my brothers.

You really are an inspiring example of faith. This heathen might one day have to change her tune.

Anonymous said...

So cute Sophia! (I can't even remember your real name!) So much to be thankful for and you expressed it perfectly, as usual. Hey, I'd like some more details on your Julia dinner, it seems that it should be a post of it's own, including recipes and table settings, etc. I do remember getting some great deals during my working years at Albertson's, now I have to drive all over town to save a buck. Good for you!

dkrikac said...

Sista...we are SO blessed. "Life is Good.....Isn't HE"