Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Happenings!

Wow Dave~I'm so glad that you read my blog and look for my Sunday Six. Thank you bro..
But since I was gone all day Sunday I will post them today instead. I can now in all honesty say that my "fans" await the weekly recap ( Ok fan but I'll take it)
It has been a great week! The difference between a good week and a great one is, the GREAT ones are filled with time spent with people that I LOVE. I realize you can take everything I own, strip me of all my "things" but if I have my friends and family I am a happy girl! And everyone knows Happy girls are the prettiest! So without further adieu..Here are my favorite six smiles of the week

1- A really fun book club with the girls. They are just good for my soul. We always laugh while munching on fun food at our favorite T town restaurants. We read great books but its so much more than that. They are like a little therapy group. We share all our quirks and laugh about how weird we are all getting. I know I have mentioned them before but I sure love the book babes!

2- My dearest friend Sandy came out to spend the day and we had a BLAST! She no sooner walked in the door and she was rearranging my furniture and changing lamps around.She is so funny! She made me a list of what we needed to buy later in the day while we were out shopping. We had a long lunch at BJ's ,then an hour long reflexology(ahh-mazing) then off for a pedicure, and a three hour shopping trip at Homegoods (my favorites store EVER! ) We found some great things and laughed constantly.
She is constantly doing laundry...two washers, two dryers, three kids so she is always on the hunt for a BIG hamper. We found this and I thought it might just work.
She wanted a manicure too so while she was getting her nails done I cleaned out her purse. That's a whole other story but I love to see what fun things people have in their purse. It was crazy the stuff she had in there. The salon owner brought me a "trash bag" and I just went to town on it. It's nice to have friends who let you clean their junk while we talk about our favorite gum, lotion, check designs, read each others "to do" lists and think its a perfectly normal thing.

3-Sunday we headed down to see the kids! We always have the BEST time. Although this trip was a little crazy with those darn pups. They played and wrestled all day! We went to the beach for a few hours and then back to the house to put together their new patio set. We had a really nice 10 piece set at my work and it went 1/2 price so I snatched it up! It was a fun surprise for Ashlyn when we drove up with it in the truck. We even had a beautiful green umbrella to put in the middle. So after the boys set it up, Chad came by and we ate outside in the wonderful cool evening air.I love my 3 kids ! And nothing makes me happier than time spent with them.
4- Saturday night we went to dinner with friends at our new favorite restaurant "Vincenzo's Italian" We LOVE this place. The owner cooks and his wife makes all the desserts by scratch. Last time we went he strolled through the place singing acapella while delivering plates. It is a little family owned hole in the wall but the food is amazing! We had a super fun evening just hanging with our friends and the time passed too quickly.They got to meet Brody and they brought him some fun new treats. He was a good pup and made them feel right at home. We love you both and hope we can do it again soon!

5-Every morning that I work we make the trek to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! And I can honestly say it has fast become my favorite part of the day. It's a quick walk with the girls and Kirk and it gives us a few minutes to chat and catch up with each other. I feel like its my "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. Last week we took them a little gift to thank them for always being so sweet to us. They have the BEST iced coffee and customer service ever! But mostly I love spending those few minutes with my work buddies.

6-Books and Music. Oh how I love them both! I think each month I will do the review on my blog of the book club selection so you can all see what we are reading and enjoying. I LOVE to have time to read. It is such a simple pleasure and I am thankful that my parents instilled in me the love of books. I also LOVE music and finding new songs. I text Chloe last week a fun new song title and then she text me back another one. I love having good music in the background of my life. While driving, cooking, and cleaning...I love Frank Sinatra while sitting on my patio, and fun catchy tunes while I drive. This week favorite is Smile by Uncle Kracker. Download it and I bet you will find yourself smiling too.

I wish you all a GREAT week filled with love and giggles and a grateful heart to recognize our many blessings !


Ashlyn Carter said...

I just wrote about my fun surprise. LOVE you so very much. It made my week!!!! You are the cutest and have so many friends and loved ones..i just really love that about you! The large hamper cracked me up. Glad you had a happy week, and I too, had missed those sunday six's! Have a great week Momma K! xox

Melanie said...

Our parents got us a patio set too. It is a fun gift that keeps on giving! The vet called awhile ago to let me know Radar was doing well, and I seriously started crying. My poor children- I can't even begin to fathom how embarassed they will be of my water-works.

Anonymous said...

Reading your Sunday Six is part of my Sunday routine! What a great week you had! I have always loved how you find joy in even the smallest things! You and Sandy are two peas in a pod! You are so lucky to have each other! Have another wonderful week, no pressure, but I'll be tuning in sometime Sunday afternoon for the recap! he he Holly

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to mention our daily walk for tea and coffee...definitely the highlight of my days at work (besides seeing all the girls and catching up!) - And you have me as a fan for Sunday Six...I look for it too! See you Wednesday for tea! Jes

G & H said...

I love you sunday six! I h ave been a slacker BUT love checking in on yuor beautiful blessed life!!!

Anonymous said...

Please do a monthly book review! I could use some good reading suggestions :)