Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie & Julia~

I enjoyed this movie so much and wanted to reflect on some of my favorite moments. I never knew too much about Julia Child, but I sure remember watching her often while growing up.
And now I am enthralled with her life story after seeing this delightful movie.All I want to do is read more and more about her. I think one of the things I loved most was her tender relationship with her darling husband. I didn't know that she had such a happy marriage and such a strong supportive husband. I believe that is a huge factor in her becoming so successful. With that kind of undying love and encouragement who knows what we can accomplish. I also loved the story line about the young Julie who was "just a blogger" setting out to accomplish her goals and dreams in Mrs. Child's footsteps. What a great movie for anyone who loves cooking (& food) and going to the movies simply to be entertained. I saw it with Sandy and on the way home she talked me into having a "Julia Child" themed dinner party. So later this month I will be hosting my very own dinner. It will look nothing like the scene from the movie but Lord willing the food will be just as perfect. I will be making her famous Beef Bourguignon and serving wine, cheese, a great salad and crusty bread.I may even attempt the Raspberry Creme for dessert. I am thinking us girls will wear broaches and the men ties. I promise to take photos and give my recipe reviews. If you enjoy a cute clean movie I suggest this one~
Bon Appetit

*Talk about CrAzY~ I no sooner hit "Post blog" and Sandy calls me from the Salvation Army. She is on a hunt for broaches and pearls for our dinner party.I totally forgot about the pearls! We are such kindred spirits. She has spent 16 dollars and has three broaches and has her eyes on some pearls. Life is so fun!

** While at the show she tells me to put my feet up so no one will sit in front of us. Again I know exactly how Ethel felt having Lucy as her tall,thin friend.We cracked up because my feet couldn't even hit the back of the seat.Further confirmation that I am not too fat,but merely too short.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Ah, now I can't wait to see it~! Maybe I will run and get her famous will look pretty on the shelf. Have a fun dinner party!

Carter & Cook Event Co. said...

so fun! looking forward to seeing it even more so now :) you're adorable!

G & H said...

HOw sweet! My and my MIL and sisters in law are already planning to see it saturday when we are in wisconsin!

Chloe said...

I am in love with this movie... and so IN LOVE with this idea! How fun! Julie and Julia would both be very proud... :)

shea shea said... feet dont touch either.. i feel ya.

G & H said...

Finally saw it loved it and seemed to cry far more than I should have...