Friday, August 7, 2009

Guess I'm not the only nosy one

You can tell a lot about a woman by looking inside her purse...

That was the headline that caught my eye while reading the paper on vacation. It is a regular column in this particular paper and for someone like me who LOVES purses and knowing what fun stuff friends have in theirs it was a fun article to read. So I copied some of the questions and thought it would be a fun post! And even more fun if you shared whats in yours.

Hangbag~Right now a white summery bag by Roxi

Are they status symbols~Not for me. I love to change it up too often so I look for good deals at TJ Max and Macy's. The most I will spend is 50 dollars and that's if I really love it!

What does this bag say about you~ You are never too old for Roxy and everyone should have a cute white purse for summer.If someone found your bag and looked inside what would they think about you~I am a little unorganized-Don't use any credit cards(thanks to the warden hubby)I use my purse calendar to schedule my entire life(& I buy the exact same kind every year from Current) All the presidents heads on my money face the same direction at all times-I am very sentimental because there are love notes from the kids and Steve that go back 15 years-I only use black pens and always have lotion and gum.Also I am a bit of a germaphob so there are always wipes and "nectarine mint" instant antibacterial gel.

Whats the most important item in your bag~My wallet, I know everyone has one but mine is cuter.The pic doesn't do it justice but it has a really fun latch and opens nice and wide. And my phone...I cant leave without it. Never know when Oprah will call and say "hey I found your blog, You are so funny, and Gail and I would love to do lunch"

Whats the strangest~Travel size scope mouthwash. I love to rinse during the day.

Whats in your bag?
A cute notebook for my OCD list making

Calendar....Crucial to my life because my memory is shot!

Pill container? deeeepresssssing...nothing says "middle age" like a good ole pill container

My arsenal against germs but yet my pup kisses me every single day?

So come on friends show me what you have in yours!!
Silly fun, but fun none the less....


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Since I just had to vacuum my purse because of ants...I'm not sure I qualify to say what's in my purse. I do like purses though! I'm not a shoe nut but purses, yeah, love 'em.

Karen Carter said...

Ok Kathy get busy! now that it is all cleaned out show us whats inside! Ants really? Well show us the fun stuff anyways. Hugs Karen

Cougarnana said...

I guess I'm not a purse-girl. I have several and occasionally I carry one but usually I just grab my wallet, which btw is very, Brighton with a darling heart on the front. I do have a lot of stuff/junk in the purse I don't carry, however. I'll check it out and send you a list.