Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Six...

It has been a while since I posted my Sunday Six. Every week brings so much to be thankful for but I have not taken the time to list them. So today I stop to remember six joys of my week, all the while being thankful that there were so many more.

1-The Krikac's came for a sleepover! We really have so much fun when they come out and we can just hang. We went to dinner and played games. Then in the morning I made breakfast and we sat and chatted over coffee for at least three hours. I love a good ole slumber party.

2- Not one, but two fun packages from the Tennessee Krikacs! Sara sent me a bunch of crafts she made for me while at camp and they were precious! All hand made with so much love and care. And it is so sweet that Dave and Sandy shipped them to me. Sandy also included a fun cookbook "Cooking for Dogs" Now you may laugh at the idea of me cooking for this darn dog but I LOVE to do it. He eats sweet potatoes for his beautiful coat, and lots of chicken and brown rice.Yes he is very spoiled but very healthy!

3- We are not allowed to officially announce this next one until tomorrow when the formal offer is signed but .......I cant stand it.So I will announce it with out naming any names.
One of my nieces (and it's not Sara and I only have two) got a GREAT job at a very respected hospital and the BEST news is that it's in California! So she wont be moving away. Yippee!! She will be starting her career right here with family and friends near by and we are all thrilled about that. Way to go C*l*e !

4-It has been beautiful here this last week. It is much cooler and the nights are gorgeous! Brody and I have been going on long walks or to the park every single night. Last night we sat and watched the sun set and it was so quiet and serene. I literally breathed in gratitude and smiled.

5-Chad had a big test at work and he passed!! He is now "main tower" certified and that is something he has worked for for a while. He is such a strong swimmer and has the best work ethic! The crew all threw a bucket of water over his head as he was leaving to congratulate him!
We are very proud of you Chad man! He has found what is he passionate about and does it with his whole heart.

6-I have been battling feeling kinda sad lately and for the life of me I cant figure out why? I know part of it is because my kidneys are really bugging me and I am afraid to go find out whats up cause I have been down that painful road too many times! I also think it's just the normal ebb and flow of life.But I am so grateful that I have family and friends, and more so the promise of God that He is always there. Someone said if everyone threw all their troubles into a hat you would always take your own back because they really are not so bad. And I have found myself remembering that truth and being grateful that a little "sad" is all I am dealing with. So I will choose joy and thankfulness, and contentment. How about you? What do you do when you find yourself feelin blue?
I hope your week is filled with love, joy, and giggles. And if you find yourself feeling blue lets all blow those clouds away together!


Anonymous said...

I usually blame my blues on being in the peri-menopausal state, though I'm certainly not old enough to be, am I? :) Then I try to get excited about entering the next phase of my life! With age comes wisdom, right? (I don't really get that excited, I might be sugar coating it a bit!) The other day I hooped and hollared when one of my sons appeared with a little acne on his face, just another phase to experience and enjoy! (he wasn't as excited) I hope you're feeling better soon...I'll be checking in to find out! Your faithful reader, Holly :)

Chloe said...

You are so hilarious... I'm so lucky to have such a proud Auntie!!! I am so proud of Chad! That is so amazing! I'm not the least bit surprised, but I am sooooo proud of him. We also need to work on getting those blues to blow away... I totally feel that way sometimes, and it's almost like it comes in waves, huh? Spend some time with the Brody bug... that is the prescription that will cure ANYTHING!!!