Friday, August 21, 2009

How did I ever raise two manly boys?

This has been the question popping in my mind the last couple of days. Brody had his appointment to be neutered and this mom was a wreck! My vet has literally seen me cry at least five times and Brody is only 4 months old. What has become of me and how did I get to be this much of a softie? I cry when he gets his shots...I cried when he told me the dangers of parvo...And yesterday when I dropped him off I was a basket case. My sweet vet came and gave me a hug and told me it would be fine. But I still had to wear my sunglasses out of the office and back into my work.When I get nervous I tend to talk a lot so I was trying to explain to the vet that I had two boys that were very manly and that I wasn't one of "those moms" who couldn't let go and allow their kids to feel a little pain. (I may have seen him roll his eyes a little) I found myself thinking I'm not sure I was this worked up when Steve got fixed? Steve swears that I was just fine,read the Readers Digest,filed my fingernails and may have even checked my watch a few times to see when we could go home? I know when the boys were young I was a bit over protective, but I'm pretty sure I didn't cry every time they got shots? But this little pup has me whooped. He seems so defenseless and just looks at me with those big eyes that say "help me" But all in all he is doing GREAT~ I took off that horrid cone they gave him and bought him a top of the line soft one that is more like a travel pillow. So much more comfy and he can see better too. An additional forty dollars but my grand puppy Bentley can use it too when he gets fixed. I then cooked Brody brown rice and sweet potatoes and laid by him most of the night. So with all the TLC he is going great! Now Steve, I remember I threw a pot pie in for you when you got home and checked on you once or twice too, so no fair giving me a hard time about this pup of ours. You know I love you both the most! Love,hugs and two paws up from Brody and me.


Melanie said...

That Brody doesn't even know how good he has it!! I am so glad he is recovering well. Right now we are in Utah and my bro and sis-in-law are babysitting one of Radar's brothers. I want to cry everytime I look at him. I miss my baby!

Our Thrift Store said... CRACK me up, POOR Steve, a "Turkey Pot Pie" and you make a home made meal and travel pillow...Yeah you are Putty for this one...XXXXXX0

Anonymous said...

You "ARE" a softie and that is only one of the reasons we all love you so so much-
You are an entertaining writer too!!!
Been busy and hadn't checked in on your site for awhile-it is always entertaining and fun. Whitney and family (including the new little girl-still in the oven) are on their way home to CA-Bryce too. I cried when I said goodbye to Avery-but I think that is pretty normal-just wait till YOU are a grandma-you'll be beyond soft-mush I think it is called......also I have no shame when I am making anamial noises to entertain her and make her happy. paula

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I want to come back in my next life as your puppy...and I won't eat your couch.