Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You cant make this stuff up

Last night was our monthly dinner with the Moms. And I realized we are fast becoming funny old broads! We have been meeting for years and they are treasured friends. We have often said how thankful we are that we wont have to join the "Red Hats" because we will have our friendships to count on in our "old age" Well last night proved we are not nearly as young as we think, and that the "old age" days are coming full speed! A night with these ladies is better than any comedy club,and to be honest we laughed so hard we might have peed a little. Now of course the names will be omitted to protect our reputations but these stories are just too funny to forget.

1- One friend was called in immediately to go over the results of her mammogram. There was something suspicious and she was really nervous. The doctor came in and thankfully it was OK after all! It was just that her breasts were so 'wrinkled' that the tech should have laid them out flat before taking the x ray. Now for most ladies that might be good news,but can hearing that your boobs are wrinkled ever really be good news?

2- Another went to the dermatologist to find out why her neck was itchy? The doctor told her "be sure to clean the folds of skin on your neck really well" what the heck? So of course she asked us all in a panic "do I have folds of skin on my neck" No honey of course you don't. Stupid doctor probably just wanted to give you Xanax and a cosmetic surgeon referral.

3-After many giggles and laughs through dinner the night ended with this conversation in the parking lot.Janice asked Susan if she could get a ride home because Janice's husband had dropped her off.
So Susan replies...
"Of course I'll take you home ,Come on I'll walk out with you...Where are you parked?"
And for a second Janice actually hesitated thinking "where am I parked"
I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight.

I am so thankful to have friends who are real and faithful as can be.I truly believe if we meet for another 20 years we will stay fun, fabulous, and young at heart. Or at least continue to think we are.


G & H said...

That is so wonderful to have such an amazing support group with yours fellow moms :) Hilarious stories !!!

Sara Beara said...

I absolutely love this! I think us women only get BETTER (and mostly funnier) as we grow up ;) haha

kaci said...

This is Kaci. I am at my mom's house. I loved these stories. I am glad that all is well with your ladies and that we women all have "things" that make us equally "normal." And I love women that are willing to share them, embrace them and not hide them. Because just when you are convinced you are the person on the planet with the most embarrassing bodily happenings... there is someone else with a story of their own and you somehow feel a little better.

Chloe Krikac said...

I love this post! What a fun group! I laughed so hard at these stories, and I can relate to a lot of them at 24 years old... hmmm....

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I am sitting here trying to imagine the technician trying to flatten all the wrinkles out so they can smash the boob and get a good picture. Oh my. I am not looking forward to wrinkles on my neck either. I mean, isn't it bad enough lifting the wrinkly boobs to make sure they are clean and dry underneath? God forbid, they are perky like they used to be. HAHAHA. Love your stories.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at remembering our dinner. You omitted the sunglasses incident! Oh, my goodness, you were sooooooo funny! Susan and I were hysterical! You left your sunglasses sitting on the table, so I put them on top of my head, all the time wearing my sunglasses on my face. We all walked out together chit chatting and laughing. After we finally said our farewells and you were walking away, Susan blurts out, "Everyone check for your keys and sunglasses." By this time, Susan and I are buckling over with laughter. You give us a wave back and start digging in your purse. Then I barely get out between my gasps of giggles, "I'm wearing your sunglasses." You turn around (now, I am wearing your glasses on my face). You turn around and take a few steps toward us and still don't realize that I am wearing your glasses. Funny!!!

Love ya,