Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Six...

Another week to pause and say "Thank you" for the blessings of my week. I often find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for our many blessings.Here are six that come to mind this week.

1- Spent a great day with the kids yesterday!! Travis will be 25 on Tuesday so we went down to celebrate with just our family. It was so fun!! The boys surfed while Steve and I watched from the cliffs on a perfect,sunny late afternoon. Then off for a fun dinner at "Corvette's Diner" They are all such good company! My very happiest moments in life are those spent with them.

The birthday boy and his precious wife.
Sweet sis in law with Chad...

2- Some of the Bunco gals decided to meet up last minute for dinner and a movie! So we went to PF Changs and to see"The Proposal" It was such a fun night and I am glad I dropped everything to go play.They are such fun girls and the cleaning & errands can always be done another time. ps. What a cute movie....Loved it!

3- My boys are such sweet gentlemen and it doesn't go unnoticed by this Momma. Travis carried my chair down to the cliffs while carrying his board and Chad insisted on holding my hand while I walked down. They are very sweet and attentive and I adore that.
I wasn't as close as it looks, and I just love this shot of the boys down below before they paddled out....4-I love to find great new products! And I have fallen in love with these. You put them in your wash, then in the dryer, and your clothes smell amazing! They are so simple to use and they really do get your clothes clean and soft. Anything to make laundry more fun is good in my book!
5- We get to vacation with the Tennessee Krikacs!! Just confirmed it today for a 4 day get away next month with our fabulous family! Sara will be at camp and so we all thought "lets go somewhere" If you hear loud clapping, and squeals of delight that's me!! "Brotha my Brotha" & "Sandy my Sissy" I am counting the days!!

6-I don't know why this last one is on my list but I had to throw it in. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Vince Gill. I have often said I don't love him more than Steve, I love them both the same. There is just something about that man that gets to me. He has a killer swagger and a voice that is melodic and amazing! It has been a long time crush and I look for him every time I am in Nashville! Well guess who sat right next to my sister in law at church today?? VINCE! Now Sandy I know you are in the house of the Lord and all, but couldn't you have snuck one little photo with your cell phone? One little video clip of his hands? Or better yet pass the bulletin and have him sign it "I adore you Karen" She said he smelled really good(of course he did,he's Vince) Just hearing about all this made me happy. And from now on all visits to see my family will include a Sunday service. I know God understands.

I wish you all a fun week filled with giggles,love, friendship and blessings galore!


Melanie said...

This post is just a HUGE reminder of why I think you are one of the funniest women I know. Where are you guys going to vacation?

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

l.o.v.e YOU.