Friday, June 26, 2009

Silly Sara~

Silly Sara!! The name I lovingly call my precious niece. I even made up a jingle that I sing to her and she laughs every time. Sara has so many amazing qualities and she can melt a heart faster than anyone I know. She has had a few little crushes, mostly on people from her favorite TV shows. At church she loves to visit the boys on Sundays and is quite a popular young lady. Well it seems a very special boy now has a little crush on her! She told me he calls her all the time and they love to talk on the phone about their day. She said last week sometimes he calls too often and she is a little too "busy" to be on the phone so much. Well sweet "Tripp" took Sara out for a date last week. She got dressed up and they went out to dinner and then for a long walk through shops and out for a ice cream cone. It's just the sweetest thing for her to have someone who adores her. Apparently he is quite smitten, and they are building a fun new friendship.They are very similar in maturity and are about the same level of disability. I just cried when I saw the sweet, innocent joy on their faces in these pictures and asked Sandy if I could share them.Only God knows all that Sara is capable of,but she sure shows us constantly how much goodness, kindness, love and joy we all should be capable of giving to others.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Was this Sara's first "date"? Ice cream, long walk, dinner, talking on the phone daily. I love it. Smitten is a good word for the wonderful expressions on their faces.

Melanie said...

This made me so happy! You go Sara!!