Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pups learn what they live...

And this little guy is so much like Steve and I its crazy! The traits I recognize from me...
He is quite the social butterfly. He loves "drop by" company and has had lots of fun visitors! He gets all excited when the doorbell rings and people come to see him.Rhonda came by with Gus her 120 lb tender heart dog (who does not know he is a big dog) And Brody loved him! They played so sweetly and Gus just let him climb all over him.Brody loves snacks, hugs, kisses,and going in the car for adventures. He is a bit of a spazz and is very clumsy.
Just like me

The traits I see from Steve...he loves T.V, hogging all the covers, being in the garage just kickin it & watching the neighbors drive by. He LOVES naps, and having his back scratched.
Just like Steve

I cant believe we are becoming "those" people. The kind who think their dog is the cutest thing ever! If you see me buying him sweaters and having his pictures taken for Christmas cards STOP ME.But in the meantime.....

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see you and Carter so Happy! This little Brodey Boy has brought so much joy to you both! So you both just brag on!!! He is the sweetest little guy and He fits right into your family!!!! We LOVE him!!!

Love The Clampets