Sunday, June 14, 2009

One of "those" moms

I promise I wont be a crazy "dog mom" for long but this little guy has stolen my heart.We spent the day with the kids and both puppies and had so much fun!!! I made sure the boys knew that we love them all the same,but this new baby is stealing tons of my attention. Bentley was very sweet to share his yard and played nicely most of the day. He is just so studly and clumsy that sometimes Brody got a little trampled.But he soon got the hang of it and held his own.After tons of play time we put them in their crates and all went out for a nice dinner.Then home for a long walk through their lovely neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day and me & my pup are tuckered out. Emma (who was the the cutest flower girl ever) and her sweet family came by to play and Emma was adorable. She loves puppies! Here are some fun pics from our happy day....


Anonymous said...

Brody is so adorable!!! I can relate to being a "dog" mom. Many of our days revolve around Romeo and that's okay. I am so glad you found such a special "friend". What type of puppy is he? (besides adorable) When he grows up a bit more we can have a doggy park date! Take care!

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

ohhh i love the photos! thanks again for coming down! We loved it and i'm still laughing at your over-protectiveness of Brody! haha too cute.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Brody is too cute...and he looks big~! How big is he supposed to get? I love Bentley's expression in the top picture. Like he is saying, "That's my grandpa. Can I have him back? We can share." Can't wait to meet him.

Melanie said...

I am so glad that your doggy date went well!
A couple of things:
We need to get Clo to change her comments so that people without Blogger (ie Moi) can comment. Because I had a doozy of a comment. Let's just say that a friend of ours has a hubby who manages a recycling plant in downtown LA and this week he had to pull someone's FINGER out of the machine. EWWWWW. Keep your hands and arms inside the ride, folks!
Also, I need to copy your idea of a doggy diaper bag. Just tonight we took the pups for a long walk and forgot not one, but two things... oops.

Heather & Matthew said...

It's ok to be one of those moms. Own it! haha
In response to your comment, thanks! But I am in no way in good shape LOL, that hike about did me in! xoxo