Sunday, October 31, 2010

Given the choice, I will always choose fun!

This was such a social week and I have decided I am way too old to go out three nights in one week. Never mind that most nights I was home by 9, this old girl is wiped out. Tuesday we had our book club and celebrated Casey's birthday at a new restaurant called Raviolis. It was marvelous and so fun to celebrate with her! Our next book is "The Zookeepers Wife"  I will be sure to share how it is!

Wednesday we had our moms dinner at Panera and that was fun too! A great evening chatting with the girls, and getting caught up. Two of our boys got engaged and it's so fun to hear the wedding and engagement details.  We have known each other since kindergarten and I adore that we're still friends all these years later!   
I truly believe we will still be meeting and sharing grandma stories one day

Friday night was our Redhawk work dinner and that was a blast!  There was eleven of us girls and our old boss Kirk.He seems perfectly happy to sit with us and chat the night away and we love that he comes! We are all scattered now, but for one night time stands still and we are together. And I love it ! 

Saturday Kenny and Lindsay came out to spend the afternoon and we were all tired. We were laying on the  couches like the grandparents from Willy Wonka ! We cracked up calling each other Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina!

So since I had been up since 4am I suggested we all take a little nap before dinner. That's the BeSt part about family,  It's quite OK to suggest a nap smack in the middle of a visit.So we all slept for an hour then got up and went to a  fabulous Jewish Deli for dinner. Good grief what has happened to our Saturday nights?? We were the Seinfelds & Costanzas and had a fabulous time. We are so thankful for such great, comfortable friends! {yep we used a coupon,the girls rode in the back seat with the boys up front, we brought home doggy bags but I promise no one ordered the Borscht }  

Then today Chad surprised us by coming home to spend Halloween with us old folks. We watched football, handed out candy and played cards. Now we are cozy on the couch with the fire roaring watching scary movies! 

Sometimes its a boring life.... 
But its a good life and I am most grateful! 


Anonymous said...

For crying out doesn't sound very boring to me. I'm exhausted just reading about all you did in just ONE week! Sounds like so much fun with all the friends and family, this is my favorite part about the holiday season, everyone is just festive.

Anonymous said...

My dear sweet Tietta,
That what we love about you and Steven Fred! We can all nap at each others house and talk about gettin old! We truly looked like the picture with al the recliners raised and blankets! It's just fun growing through life with our best friends!

Love ya both!
Love Linds