Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let it snow...

I added snow to my blog because I am ready for Christmas!! Once these come out at Starbucks its like my heart kicks into full  Christmas mode! 

I went to Michaels today to buy wrapping paper and was told they don't have it out yet. What the heck? Its November 7th and I am ready to put up my tree. I wish that I could take it slower but it's that childlike part of me that simply cant help it. I have been doing lots of shopping,I picked out the "Reindeer" names for my kids, & bought my holiday note book to write down all my ideas. I am working on a new Christmas banner for my blog and had peppermint creamer in my coffee today while listening to Holiday music!
{yes I have alienated my best friend with all this talk. She told me today she bought the three pack dog toys at Costco and that is the extent of her shopping} Guess I wont be inviting her over for the wrapping party quite yet.

But I do have some cute Halloween pics to share...
Sara as a Bunny in a Hat ! Soooo cute 
Dave as hmmmm ? I'm not sure its legal

And Chad was adorable as Tom Cruise from Risky Business  {front left}  

So while I am getting ready for our "Big Fat Greek Thanksgiving"  I am really in my heart well on my way to Christmas!
How about you? What do you love about this time of year? Please share~
I wish you all a beautiful week full of love and giggles! 
And a bit of holiday cheer thrown in too !!

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maria said...

oh my goodness... I need to know how to make it snow on my blog!! ;) this is my favorite season too!! :) my snowmen are slowly but surely making their way out..... I can't wait to fully decorate... and I heard Christmas music yesterday at the mall... I was in heaven!! :) happy shopping! oh and target has wrapping paper out already... if you're interested!! ;) Happy shopping!