Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More birthday fun & more of my village~

I refer to the friends and family in my life as my 'Village' because I have always said it takes a village to raise good kids and to have a balanced life. People who know you well, share the struggles you have with marriage, kids etc and are always there to listen and give good advice. Well my book club girls have become such good friends and another vital part of my life. I look so forward to seeing them every month, and we often meet for breakfast and coffee in between. Last month we all met up at Seau's for happy hour and they celebrated my birthday. It was so fun! Complete with sweet gifts, and little mini cupcakes home made by Nancy. I love you all so much and am so happy Nancy came through my line at work one day and asked "Since you love to read you should try our book club sometime"  I remember being so nervous about meeting up with people I didn't really know, but excited about a new opportunity. Feels like a lifetime ago now! You have pushed me to read more and have nourished my love of books .
But mostly you have become such wonderful, fun friends! 

I think you can tell we are a very intellectual group? 

Here's to more books,more time to laugh,and many more birthdays to celebrate!

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Casey said...

LOL love the picture! Love you! So glad you came into my life. XOXO, and yes we are really that intelligent!