Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Memory Lane~

Uncle Pete sent this to me today out of the blue and I love it!  My mom, us kids and our uncle Angelo ~ We look like we had never seen so much money before and you can almost feel the excitement of what we would buy with our HUGE windfall. Such a simple time ~ I love our dorky little tree with the huge bulbs, the Christmas pajamas, the boys darling hair cuts,  but mostly I love my moms smile ! I can hardly wait to see it again in heaven
Hey did I get jipped? Mine looks like a blank piece of paper? I'm going to call Angelo now and get to the bottom of this .........Someone owes me ten bucks!

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dkrikac said...

Wow, WHY have we not seent his one? I love it ...Hey, your ENVELOPE was a "Membership to Baton Twirling School"