Monday, October 11, 2010

Fill in the blanks~

When I get a day to myself, I like to...
Putzy! ,clean, cook, a long walk with Brody and lunch with a friend is always a fun treat too! 
Of course I always vacuum cause I feel so much better with clean floors? I have so many weird quirks and that for sure is one of them!  Gotta start the day with clean floors?

High School was...
Three years too long but it did give me some of my bestest friends! After my brothers all left I was ready to leave too.So I gradated early as a junior and started real life.

A little dream I have is...
To travel... a lot. I'd like to see America! I also dream of taking a cruise with ALL the family. The Greeks , all my brothers and their families, We could just take over that darn ship and have seven days of pure fun and laughs! 

A big dream I have is...
To be retired with Steve. I think we would have so much fun! We have talked about getting a RV and just taking off. Who knows if the reality of that is as fun as the dream but it sure would
be fun to try. I can see us packing up and  driving up the coast. Of course we would bring our pup and  bikes. Just typing this gets my heart racing with excitement over the idea of it. This working thing is getting kinda old. 

If I could drive any car it would be...
I'm not really a car person. But I have been lusting after the new Toyota Venza! I have been to the car lot three times to drool and dream. I also love the Nissan  Murado.  But my practical side always kicks in and I love being "car payment free" more than the smell of that nice leather. 
But soon we are going to make it happen!

A time that I felt truly beautiful was...
I felt beautiful being pregnant. I was so proud of that baby bump and LOVED all the attention you get! And I loved to hear Steve talking to the boys while they were in my tummy. 
And I know it's a mega cheesy answer, but I feel most beautiful when I'm around Mr Carter.He really does see me as cute?? We can joke about how old and pudgy we are and feel so comfortable in each others presence. 
I think that's when I'm happiest and Happy is always beautiful.

Tomorrow I will...
Be at my old store for a couple days for work! Its always such fun to be with my buddies and the laughter is always good for my heart. 

So play along and fill in your own blanks! Its always fun to have a format when life gets busy and you feel like you don't have much to blog about!

I wish you all a great week, filled with love and giggles!!

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Jojo and Ralph said...

That's a fun one. I hope my family jumps on board, I would like to see some of their answers. I too can't wait to retire with Raleigh. I of course will be 108 and HE will be 70. But, I think that will be a really fun time.