Friday, October 1, 2010

Memories of my Mom

When Sara calls lately she has really been wanting to share memories she has of her YaYa. My mom of course loved Sara with all her heart. Even more because Sara was the first grandchild and my mom spent so much time with her. They had a precious relationship and  Sara LOVED her YaYa .
One of the blessings of autistic kids is that they remember everything! And we love to hear the stories of my mom that we have forgotten but Sara remembers . Last week this letter came in the mail for me and Steve 

She wanted me to post on my blog what a good grandma she was, and how she took such good care of her. She also wants all the grandkids to share their favorite stories too! So I am going to be sharing stories from each of them over the year.She was such a precious YaYa and I agree we need to keep her memory and funny stories  alive in all our hearts.
Thank you Sara for asking auntie to do this!

I also got a text this week from Dave that read.....
Gods gift to me today. GEAR foundation right? GERA....I never saw that till today!

Dave named his foundation for the kids the "GEAR"  foundation and it is the exact letters of our moms name,Gera~ Such a sweet serendipity! We love you Momala and thank God for continuing to show  your love to each of us in such sweet unexpected ways. 


a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

so sweet. love yaya and can't wait to squeeze her in heaven.

Cougarnana said...

Such cute pictures of your mom and btw, the memorial rose bush is just the best! I also love the darling note from Sara, what a blessing that she has such vivid memories of her grandmother, I can hardly remember a thing about mine. I think it's wonderful that Sara wants to share her memories with her family, you should have a special night for her with everyone gathered 'round, maybe you've already done fun!