Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is the wacky in our genes?

I  often wonder " Am I  pre-destined to be this wacky? I love my family more than anything but in all honesty I could fill up my whole blog with our daily life bloopers! Not to mention our weird little habits. I can try to fight it, but its is clearly  in my genes and something I unknowingly passed onto my kids.And since I committed to sharing it all if I was going to blog, here's a few recent stories that should make you feel so much better about your own  life 

Uncle Pete called to ask if I would send him some pics of Kory and Sara while they were here on vacation. He heard I got some great pictures but couldn't see them  because he doesn't have a "My Face" 

That same week while driving with my aunt Mary she was admiring my new phone and asked if it was a "Blueberry?? "

Just today I talked Steve into getting a pedicure with me! I love groomed feet and convinced him how relaxing it is. So he agreed and on our way { being dead serious} he says "I'm so glad I am wearing my red shirt because the Chinese love red? 

Even our Silly Sara gets in the mix. I always end our conversations with " Who loves you Sara?" and she says "You do auntie"
So today I said " who loves you more than anything, up to Jesus and back again?
And she replied..........  " Everyone"
{Can I have just a bit of that confidence} 

I also caught myself this week asking a new acquaintance at least fifty questions.And when I realized how badly I was drilling them I simply said "I'm so sorry, I'm Greek"  I mean really?? Who does that? I once made fun of my mom and her sisters for coming out of restaurants knowing the waitress's whole life story and cholesterol level and now  I am the same dang way!

Also my family also has a serious issue with napkins.
Really its a problem....
And I thought it was just me,Steve and Dave but I took Trav to grab a bite and I looked down at this plate and had to grab my camera!   We can use up to fifty napkins at a single meal and think nothing of it. {notice the stack to the left just waiting . I only ate a couple of his fries and still used a few of my own}
Who does this ?
We do    

This was Daves pile at Panera and he hadn't even finished!

I also found out we all share a love for " Wipe Out" But we only really LOVE the first 15 minutes while the people get trashed.  There is nothing funnier than seeing people fall, trip, and embarrass themselves! Its not right and I apologize but this one had me in tears watching!

So there's a glimpse into the everyday musings of the crazies...
But the good thing is we can all relate to each other !
How about you ?? What makes you wacky ???
Please share...I would love another good laugh


Cougarnana said...

This post is a crack-up, I especially love the "My Face" comment!! Also, I am thrilled about the piles of napkins. I can't tell you the time I have spent trying to conceal all of my used napkins at a restaurant. Sometimes I roll them up into a ball but then the ball is so big it looks like we've been playing soccer. Sometimes I spread them all over the table so the waitress won't know they all came from me. Sometimes I put half of them in my purse, to be thrown away at home. I occasionally "accidently" drop 1 or 2 on the floor under the table. I DO try really hard to conserve, using the same napkin until it is falling apart but even with that, I use quite a few. What's up with that? I don't know, but I thought it was just MY problem. I'm so happy to know it's NOT JUST ME. Is it a Greek thing? I don't think I'm Greek but who knows??

maria said...

hahaha!!! oh good other people use a million napkins too!! ;) the first 15 minutes of wipe out are my favorite too... although admiting it makes me feel a little guilty! haha!! and how in the world does Steve know that the chinese love red?? i'll have to remember that next time I go for a pedi!! ;) thanks for the laugh!!