Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here's Holly!

When Karen asked me to do a "guest blog," my fingers froze immediately!  What in the world do I have to blog about that anyone would be interested in?  How could I possibly step into the shoes of my favorite blogger for even an iota?  As I was pondering, an all too familiar "craving" came over me.  It was that 3:00 urge for a splurge! (of sugar that is)
And then I knew
I knew it was time to confess the sins and secrets of this "sugar mama!"
I'm not sure exactly when our friendship began.  All I know, is that my friend Sugar has been a lifer. The kind of friend that will always pick you up.  Sugar is there when you need her (yes, she's a her) and even when you don't.  She hangs around though, just in case, and it's usually in the vicinity of my thighs. 

Before I was married, I played many a trick on my then boyfriend, Mike.  I always made sure I was the one to serve the dessert.  Privately in the kitchen of course.  He was never the wiser when his dessert was missing the gooey, cream cheese topping, the cinnamon streusel, or a few bites from the middle. Had I no shame?  When we would go to Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor, he always said "hold the whip creme."  Well, you know I had them hold it long enough just to put it on mine instead. Why wasn't I trying to impress this boy?  I still play the same tricks on him.  I'll  have to tell him!  Maybe next time.

I could go on and on with my tricks and deceptions.  I'll just divulge a few:   Did you know you can eat half of a 9 x 13 pan of rice krispie treats, and no one will ever know?  Just put the remainder into a smaller pan and gently pat.  Everyone will be amazed at your will power when you "pass" on dessert that night.  

I don't do this anymore, really I don't, but I use to go through the Christmas stockings before anyone else was up!  Only my mom knew that I had wiped clean the cherry life savers out of all the socks.  I'm still so ashamed!

This one's pathetic.  I use to call the local donut hut on Saturday mornings to have them "hold" any remaining maple bars.  I'm pretty sure I pulled up like I was holdin' up the joint...bag over my head and all.  (I don't do this anymore, only once or twice.)

And my sweet friend Laura, who was half the size of me, used to run into the store and buy me Reese's on our lunch hour.  I convinced her that it would look better if the skinnier one went in to clear the shelf. 

I'm sure the Bunco girls could attest, they've witnessed me throwing back a few!  Hot tamales and whatever else is in the candy dishes.  And the ole' "could I take some leftovers home for the kids?"  Not true. 

Whew!  All of these confessions have got me missin' that ole' must be time for a visit! 

May everything in life be sweet and delicious!

*Karen' s thoughts~
I told you she was witty, 
I told you she should blog, 
& I told you she was my kindred spirit! 
My family will die laughing at this because they KNOW my love affair with candy! Holly you are so darn fun and as someone who has witnessed you plow through a candy dish with shrapnel flying I know these stories are as true as true! The funny thing is she not only "chews" the normal candy but the hard candy too! There once was a bowl of lemon heads and let me just say Holly won that round ! Last week at our crab boil she ate FOUR ice cream drumsticks! She kept looking around the table asking if anyone wanted another but her eyes were pleading " please say no "  All 12 of us could share a memory of Holly and a candy bowl! 
Holly ~ I  LOVE that you shared a piece of your life with us and can hardly wait until you send me another story to post! I hope you all leave a comment so she knows how much we loved her stopping by.....


Katie said...

Way to go Holly!!! This was so fun to read, Karen's should have your own blog! My favorite memory is of you and the cinnamon sucking - just chomping away :) Love you, Katie.

paulasue said...

I have secrets too-but I could never confess them with so much wit~Holly we love you---EXACTLY the way you are! Great job!!!
You have set the bar HIGH for the next guest blogger-I may have to plagiarize something....