Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A better mood & better things to share!

Despite my grumbling in the last post it was a great week filled with joys! The kids all came home Friday night and we were off to see our favorite comedian ~ Brian Regan. If you ever have a chance to see him live GO!  We laughed for two straight hours ! Then we laughed some more in the parking lot just rehashing how darn funny he is. I 'almost' peed my pants and had to make a run for the bathroom in fear that I was going to have an accident.He is that funny! Then we had a nice sleepover and breakfast together the next day. Chad had to go to work, and Travlyn were off to visit her family.
Steve and I went to a "surprise" birthday party for  Dennis.
WE LOVE DENNIS and have been friends with him long before he married my best friend. He has the BEST Irish family who are so much fun.Dennis loves peanut butter and games more than anything so we played games and feasted on peanut butter sandwiches,peanut butter cookies, Abba Zabbas and tons of yummy appetizers. It was a Blast! Happy  50th Dennis!

Lastly Chad was nominated for  a incredible award at work and they all attended a dinner in their honor. He was picked as one of five out of over 300 guards. He didn't win but what an honor to be nominated. We are so proud of that boy !  And always humble Chad said that the person who won really deserved it and he was so happy for them. He has the strongest work ethic and is such a joy to be around. Here's a cute photo of him goofing around one day at work. Always the prankster but when needed, he spends his days on jet skis  and paddle boards rescuing people who need help.  { I sure hope you read this quick cause I am going to get a call telling me I am bragging and that I need to take it down }  I cant help myself!
I am such a proud momma!

Well I sure wish you all a great week, filled with love and joy! And more reasons to smile !
Love and giggles....Karen~

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Kori said...

We love Brian Reagan too. He is sooo funny.
Good job Chad. That is impressive to be nominated out of so many. He must have fabulous parents.