Monday, July 26, 2010


Outside my Window…It is overcast with June gloom and I couldn't be happier about it!  I watered, did laundry, made the beds and scrubbed the bathroom and it is only 9am . I come alive when it's cool!   

I am thinking…I love having Mondays off!  Mondays have such a different feel to them. A new beginning and a chance to get ready for another week.  

I am thankful forSo so so so much! 
God is so good to this family and I am often overwhelmed with thankfulness!
To name a few...
*Travis called the other day just to say Hi and I love that. A quick update on life and a "I love you"  mom just fills my heart!
*A great visit with my family Sunday afternoon
*A fun date night with Steve Thursday. We saw a funny, silly movie and laughed like teenagers then went to Red Robin for a burger and fries.
*Ya know how moms worry unnecessarily ? Well sometimes I worry since Chad doesn't have a girlfriend  that he might get kinda lonely and is working too hard.Then I see these pics on face book and know he is just fine  : )
  { look at that sweet smile of his and I tell ya that boys heart is pure gold  }

From the kitchen…I am going to bbq salmon from Costco and make some fresh green beans and rice. I haven't been cooking much and miss it! So since I am off today I am going to be domestic and  make a nice dinner and set the table pretty.

I am wearing…my standard summer fare...capri pants and a top.

I am reading…trying to finish up my book for book club Tuesday night! I am determined to carve out some time to read today! 

I am hoping…for strength and comfort for a pastors family whose daughter is battling cancer. Her name is Daisy and they would covet your prayers for her.  Also we attended a wedding this weekend and I find myself hoping so much for a long. fun filled life for the bride and groom! They were simply precious and there is something so awe inspiring seeing two amazing people join together in a marriage! Their whole life is waiting for them and I can feel their excitement and joy! Rory and Amy I will be praying for you both and can hardly wait to see what God has in store for you.

I am creating…a really soft place in our guest room. I got new linens and pillows and it looks so inviting in there. Just need a few new little pieces and it will be done! 

I am hearing…the washing machine on load number 2 and my Pandora mix of Chris Tomlin   

Around the house…The bathroom is almost done just a few little paint touch ups and the shower door needs to be installed!   I am going to buy some fresh flowers today at the market because its been too long and I miss them!  I have a candle burning and the smell of vanilla is fabulous!

One of my favorite things…This Pledge Multi Surface cleaner is so nice! I got the lavender scented one and use it on everything! Yesterday Kenny and Lindsay called and decided to buzz out so I wanted to freshen up the house a bit. This stuff is amazing! You can use it on glass, wood, I even used it on my faucets! And the smell is yummy and fresh!

Well that's what is going on in my corner of the world today! How about you? I would LOVE to hear!
Hope your day is filled with love and giggles!


Anonymous said...

That was so much fun to read. I could picture all the things you talked about...such a cute idea. I will try that for my next post, not today though. I love hearing about your life and knowing that all is well and happy with you. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So I went right out and bought some Pledge Multi Surface cleaner. I haven't used it yet but will give it a try later today. I'm so excited. That's one of the things I miss about working in a grocery store, seeing all the new products come through the line. Anyway, thanks for the tip! I discovered Magic Erasers from another friend's blog, they have changed my life, I don't know how I ever cleaned without them.

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T OPEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maria said...

GREAT blog.... I LOVED it.... I think I may do it tomorrow, since today is my "Whinny" wednesday!!! :) what book are you reading??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment xoxo
I love how much stuff you got done before 9 am. And you have convinced me to go out and try pledge multi-surface ha ha :)