Sunday, August 29, 2010

You know by now I try hard to be up beat and happy!
I try to blog about all the really good things in our life and live with a grateful heart.
BUT everyone has bad days
And this is how I felt on Thursday afternoon.....
Like sitting all alone on a beach with this sign stuck in the sand
We have a new promotion at work and they want us to wear "chefs hats" to promote our cookware?
I have done the Hawaiian days, the country western days, the football jerseys and happy heart week. But a hat?  So of course you get the comments all day
Nice hat...whats with the hat.....why are you you guys wearing hats.....
And by the end of the day you want to scream!
I felt like I was working at Hot Dog on a Stick for goodness sakes.
But I smiled and  kept an upbeat heart
Some man scumbag was walking past me and I said " Thank you, have a good day" and he screamed across the front end.
"You get paid 10 bucks an hour to say Thank you"
My front end girl looked at me like what the heck?
So I walked right by him and said  
"I get 20 bucks an hour and next time I will completely ignore you"  {and I said it with the total disdain he deserved} 
Yes, not polite....yes it might have started a fight...yes my boss wouldn't love it....
But a person can only take so much. I told Steve I don't ever think I can ever get used to a stranger yelling at me! And he sweetly said "don't ever allow it"
So it felt good to dish some back. But I put my big girl panties on, stuck that stupid hat back on my head, and let it slide. But you can bet if I ever wait on him again I will squish his bread,  maybe break a few eggs and certainly never, ever say 'Thank You' 
Thankfully soon after my sweet customer Ruth who comes in everyday stopped by and brought a smile to my face. She always gives me a big hug and a smile.....
How cute is she? And so interesting too. She was a military nurse in the war and was married for over 60 years!  Sooo precious and she reminds me that most people are good.  

The week had LOTS of fun too! So as soon as I recover from my sour mood I will share the good stuff!
I wish you all lots of good stuff too!


Melanie said...

Sweet Karen, I am sorry! What a jerk. I am dealing with some awful employees at work and there have been so many times that I want to yell or say something mean. It has become so hard to just suck it up and smile while they are so awful and tell lies, call names, etc. I will be thinking of you this week.

maria said...

Miss Karen.... I'm sorry that that guy ruined your day all the way until thursday!! :( It sucks when it happens to a "always" happy person like you! That's how I felt last week too, when that jerk lady called me stupid.... REALLY people we're a grocery store.... and we will try our hardest to help you, until you're down right rude... :( I do have to say that you look really cute in that hat though! :) and isn't Ruth the sweetest?? I just LOVE her and her stories! Here's to a terrific week for us!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the rude customer, I vaguely remember such things but I've really tried hard to forget about my/our Albertson's days and honestly I've done a pretty good of it. It's really like we never worked there. Sometimes I am shocked by the rudeness of people, why would someone say something like that to you?? I just don't get it. I'm also sorry about the hat, oh I KNOW I would have such an attitude about it! But it does look cute on you. Now I have to say something about (oh my gosh, is it Ruth? This comment window is covering up her name on your post), I'll call her Ruth...She looks darling and I bet she's a hoot but she does look older, for sure older than you and I hope older than me...and yet you said she'd been married for 45 years, like that was a long time! Well guess two months I will have been married for 44 years and I feel sooooo much younger than Ruth(?) looks. So I am a little sad because I guess I really am getting old, although I WAS born after the war and don't remember a thing about it...WHEW! Maybe things aren't so bad afterall.

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY, her name IS Ruth!

Kori said...

You go girl... way to stand up to a nasty! I just hate that some people have to be so rude! I am glad you didn't let him ruin your day completely.

Holly Girl said...

I think that airline steward jumped out of the plane for the same reason! A person CAN only take so much! (He did manage to grab a couple of beers first though!)