Friday, August 13, 2010


Its been a Joyful week with some really special blessings !
Starting with this precious girl having a very successful foot surgery! 
She was so brave and is already up & around with a little help from mom and dad.They were anticipating a much more difficult recovery with Sara having to be in a wheelchair because she really couldn't manage crutches. BUT, she is doing GREAT! She can limp along and get where she needs to go around her house. We have talked every day and she is her usual silly Sara!
We are so thankful for her amazing doctor! Dave said the Dr prayed with her before she went under. Hows that for Gods perfect timing!Thank you Lord for our precious pumpkin and that her foot will be sooo much better now!

Steve called me last week from work saying Travis had invited him to a Padre game and he was going to go.I was so excited for him because Travs company seats are ahhhhmazing! {Steve is above the ! and Travis is above the U } 

And we all know Steve LOVES nothing more than time with his boys! It was so cute to watch them on TV and I even took a shot with my camera. Steve said it was one of the best five hours of his life! Just hangin out with his boys, eating great FREE food and drinks and cheering for the home team. He also got to see Chad and buy him and his friends a round of beers soda because they were sitting in Steve's company seats at the same game!  How lucky am I to have married a man who's biggest joys are... US

I also had a super fun day with the Greeks!   Our cousins Bill and Cecile are here from the Netherlands and Thia Teresa invited us up for lunch. It was so great to see them and spend the afternoon with my family.
Thankfully we went to Souplantation because it is more 'self serve'  Lets face it no one can work the waitress quite like the Greeks. Even my own sweet mom would run them ragged. Like Dave says you just want to give them 20 bucks up front and tell them it will be the hardest hour of their life. But they are so darn sweet and funny that you overlook the crazy. But we did lasso the waitress long enough to take a "picture" of us.....{this is so classic us it kills me}

Since I was in Orange County I made a day of it hanging out with Kenny Lindsay and Chloe. I love that I have a niece who makes me "heart" signs at red lights and who loves her crazy auntie!
We went to a nice dinner just us girls and then to reflexology for a great massage.  I got home at ten and was still smiling. I can hardly wait until Ashlyn is home with a munchkin and she can join us on those days! Those darn jobs some people have are stealing away some of  my fun!

So for all the blessings I say " Thank you"
And to a family who loves so unconditionally I say...
                                                                       I love you more!


maria said...

haha!!! GREAt pictures! and I love that I can relate to "the greek" comments!!! I can tell the family has great love for each other.... you guys are too cute!!! :)

Our Thrift Store said...

I SO wish I was there...these are RARE memories, but the Greek in me wanted to watch the FUN...Maybe we should take a SKYPE camera and leave it on the table?