Sunday, September 5, 2010

Memory Lane~

I was browsing through old photos to do a "Memory Lane"  post and came across these pictures. I started laughing remembering this day! The kids were living in Point Loma in a house everyone just called "Piedmont" There was 6 boys including Travis and Chad.They all surfed and the bathroom had a 1/2 inch of sand in the showers. Travis was finishing up college and he and Chad were back sharing a room. It was such a cool old house in a neighborhood with lots of older homes and original owners. So most of them were seniors and surprisingly loved having the boys on the block. One neighbor told Chad she loved hearing the fun, and sounds of life coming from the house. Chad would go over and take out her barrels on trash day and the boys always had homemade treats around the house that the ladies would send over. So the kids decided to host a BBQ for them and invited us to come too. They put flyers on everyone's doors telling them for come on by for a block party.  I was a bit puzzled " You invited all the neighbors? " Yep...and most were coming. So Steve and I went and helped put out the food and straighten up a bit. The boys had gone shopping and bought all the stuff and before long they all came! Pushing their walkers, carrying dishes to share. Chads 90 year old friend called and asked if he could come get her brownies for her and help her across the street. He went running over!  It was simply precious to watch. I felt so proud of the boys to reach out to their neighbors and most of them stayed for the whole afternoon. They sat on couches on the back porch? {ran out of lawn chairs so they just lifted the couch outside} watched the kids play ping pong, sat around and chatted. It was a really fun day and they all said "thanks for the great time"  when they went home ! Made me realize that it doesn't matter  if everything is perfect for a party. They just bought some burgers, put the open chip bags on the counter and had people over. And I am sure it will be a memory they will have for a very long time. 
I know I will.......

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a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

oh i loved seeing photos! i've heard this story but it was fun to see pics. Such sweet boys!