Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch with an old neighbor~

Today was so special to me!
My dear old friend and neighbor Dori was in California and Paula  decided we all needed to meet for lunch! I am so thankful that I was off and could join in the fun! Dori was one of the very first friends I met when I moved to T Town and she lived around the corner from me. We each had two kids around the same age and we quickly became good friends. She is also the person responsible for me joining my precious Bunco group because she once asked me to sub!  {which is now 20 years ago}
Her family moved away to Colorado and we try our best to keep in touch.  Today proved what I  have always known....
When you have a true friendship with someone you pick up right where you left off. Its never awkward or forced and there is sure to be lots of giggles and fun!   
I love you Dori and am thrilled I got to see you!
And being with Kim and Paula is always a special treat! 

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Jojo and Ralph said...

Very cute ladies. The background of those pictures is beautiful. I bet that place is darling.