Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Lovin...

Kory and Sara arrived and decided to do their trip in true "California" style....
Kory rented a blue convertible to drive Princess Sara around in. He even got her a blue scarf to match! So she looked like Audrey  Hepburn with the wind blowin in her hair. 
I loved that one of their first stops was to the CoCo's my mom would always take the kids! Each one of her grandkids has such sweet memories of being there with YaYa!  She would let them order whatever they wanted but made sure to "blot" their fries before they ate them. So cute...

Another thing Sara really wanted to do is have a bonfire at the beach! So last Sunday we all met up at Old Mans and spent a great day together!  The weather was perfect and she smiled all day long!

It was such a special day, filled with Pauls good BBQ'ing, lots of surf and sun and of course yummy smores!

We had so much fun with Kory and Sara and will have many more stories  to share!
Making memories is the BEST and for Sara there is nothing better than memories with her family! 

 My cousin Mark surfing tandem with cute!

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