Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm  on summer vacation!
No I am not off work, or at a fabulous beach house.
But in my mind I am on vacation.I want my days to continue to be as they are ...
Filled with fun friends, my darling hubby who makes me smile every single day, seeing my kids every chance I get, watermelon and lemonade,sandals, good books and BBQ's .
I remember the joys of summer when school was out and the summer months were wide open for adventure.  
I miss those days
So I'm trying to capture that feeling in my heart....
I hope you do the same! Ride your some good movies...ditch responsibility every chance you get and have some fun!

I'm sure gonna 

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Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Thanks for that invitation! I am gonna join ya! Here's to summer!