Monday, December 7, 2009

Glad I made you feel better.....(a tongue in cheek post)

One of the blogs I love to visit is Melissa at "Stretch Marks" She is so darn funny and I often feel like we are sisters separated at birth. She is a kindred spirit and I love her blog! I find myself laughing and thinking we have so much in common. Well,she did a post about losing her "Mother Of The Year" status because of her reaction to her precious daughter Remi. Being the kind hearted person I am and always wanting to" lift a sister up" I left her a comment about a time when I was not a very good momma to Chad....

Well I guess it made her feel so much better!

So much better in fact that she jumped up,completely healed and started writing a blog post all about how much worse a mother I was and shared the story!Complete with a link to my blog so everyone can stop in and see what a horrible mom looks like. Now Melissa, you are such a big deal in the blog world and while part of me feels so honored, I just want to let you know that its "game on" I hope you share another really embarrassing story soon and you can bet I will link to your blog. And if I'm ever in Texas I am going to put on my "bump it" ,do my hair real big, stop off at Chick Filet and get us lunch, wear my Twilight t-shirt,pack some sugary candy for the kids and stop on over for a little throw down!

You sure made me smile and I am glad to know that we all fail at times! So lets each make a "Mother Of The Year Crown", give them to each other and then we can in all honesty say " Look what I was awarded" and no one will ever need to know how we got them!
Stop over and see the post and add Melissa's blog to your favorites. When shes not busy being mean she is hilarious!
Melissa at "Stretch Marks"

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Melissa Lee said...

Man, I hope you come to TX very soon because that sounds like the perfect day! (Except for the sugary candy for kids......are you smokin' something?)

So, hmmmmmm, let's see if I can think of anything else embarrassing to write about. Probably not. I'm darn near perfect as it is. But hey, let's wait another five minutes and see if I don't horrifically screw up my children or burn my house down. It's been known to happen.

Love your post, but you don't wanna take me on. You will lose sista Christian. Your goin' down!!!!!!!!!!


PS. For easier access to my blog you can always just type in
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