Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Joy!

The kids are here and I am loving life! Sushi and checker games last night, today the boys are golfing with Steve, Ashlyn is at a photo shoot for Carter & Cook and I am listening to carols and putzing around the house. I am overwhelmed with comfort and joy and so happy to have some quiet moments to bask in Christmas!

In the spirit of Christmas & giving I have the sweetest story to share! At our annual Bunco Christmas Party we always have a fun gift exchange. It's the game where you can steal or pick from the pile. Well of course all the super darling gifts are stolen until frozen and cant be traded anymore. This years "hot" gift was the cutest Weather Vane planter box. I had it, but of course it didn't last long because of how darling it is (I might have even mentioned once or five times about how you shouldn't steal from a handicapped person)But it still made its rounds and went home with the Atwoods! We were all happy they got it! But a few nights later there was a text from Katie saying "there is something on your porch" so I ran out and found this!
The picture doesn't do it justice.It is the CUTEST !! Of course I called Katie right away and she said her and Dan wanted us to have it.But they wanted it...they rightfully won it....then they gave it away....and they gave it to me!
I just could just cry every time I walk by it,but it also sure makes me smile.What a sweet, generous gesture of love from precious friends with hearts of pure gold~
I will cherish it always
I love you both!

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