Thursday, December 10, 2009


My view for the last few days.....
But at least I can get out of the house for a little shopping. I sadly know which stores have 'carts' and which don't. Khols you are one of my favorites but,you need carts for your older customers (or the darling young ones who happen to be hurt at the holidays :) At first I thought I would die of embarrassment but I am finding them to be a blessing!

I LOVE YOU! You can buy almost everything on there and shipping is FREE with only a 25 dollar purchase. And nothing cheers the housebound like packages arriving on the doorstep everyday!

Wednesday I thought I would stop off at Chick-Fil-A for a large iced tea to get me going before my shopping trip! They have the BEST iced tea! Well they offered me a free "small peppermint shake" and all I can say is Thank You! (and darn you guys) I have thought of nothing much else since. Yummy peppermint ice cream with tiny chocolate chips and whipped creme with a cherry on top! (I didn't eat the cherry, trying to watch the calories) I seriously was almost mad with every yummy sip. But it was free! And you know us Greeks with bargains. Just cant pass them up!

My bestest friend is addicted to QVC and it's hilarious! I woke up one morning at 7am to the phone ringing. Of course no hello, just "hurry turn on the Q they have the best little flashlights on " She calls me all the time with the hottest selling items and some I have to admit look pretty darn nice. But Sandy if you are calling it "The Q" and your first thought when you wake up is tuning into channel 14 you may be close to the ledge.

Thirteen more days until Christmas and despite not feeling my best,I am loving the time at home! I cant really bake or run around like I love to do,but I am looking for the blessing and I think just having the time to be "home" is a wonderful one! I hope you are enjoying the days too!


Blessed said...

I am so glad you mentioned those shakes cuz I have been wanting to try one now I know they are good :)

Melanie said...

Oh, Karen! My heart breaks for you- I know this must be the worst time to be cooped up and unable to walk. I am SO glad that you have found a way to get around at some of the stores! Praying for a quick recovery :)

Cougarnana said...

Karen, I STILL don't know what has happened to you. Was this an accident or WHAT??? I'm sorry it's slow going for you at this holiday time but I think I've already told you about the Christmas I injured my knee and how wonderful it was to be off really was soooo great, one of my happiest memories. I wish you a speedy recovery...right after the New Year!!